Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Comments Musolli 8/11/08

Comments for Munyatul Musolli 8th November 2008

Ustaz Zakaria said:

  • Solah rawatib done to make up for any flaw in the 5 fard solah. Considering many of us sit around in masjid making useless talk, might as well stand up for rawatib after completing the fard.
  • It is a good practice to fill the gap between Maghrib and Isha’ with sunnah solah.
  • We see more people in the cities attend solah in masjid compared to people in the villages.
  • It is good to perform rawatib for zuhur and asar for 4 raka’ahs.
  • Reward for perfect solah is higher compared to reward for zikir, fasting or other forms of worship.
  • Sufis do a lot of supererogatory worship while keeping the obligatory ones.
  • Perform sunnah solah before subuh; recite “Alam nashrah…” and “Alam taro kaifa…”. This would safeguard you from enemy’s scheming.
  • In mazhab Hanafi, witir is obligatory. That shows how important it is in Islam.
  • Some ulama maintain that solah ishraq and solah dhuha are the same thing.

Wallahu a'lam

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