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Status of Solah (MM 2/12/07)

Munyatul Musolli 2 Dec 2007

Solah could prevent you from:

  • being dazed and shaken by misery
  • committing evil and sin
Ther'e 3 status of solah:
  1. Syari'ah: You observe the "seen" rules only
  2. Tariqah: You observe the rules + Allah is present in your heart
  3. Haqiqah: You do both (1) and (2), but there's a whole lot more Allah in your heart
Once you're at (3), you achieve Ma'rifah. (You've obtained knowledge of Allah).

How to perform solah? Rasulullah (saw) said:
Perform solah like how you see me perform it

How? People didn't have camcorder back then.
Answer: We follow the ulamas (Allah be pleased with them) before us, and what they've written in their kitabs.

Wallahu a'lam

Never miss out on Solah (MM (25/12/07)

Munyatul Musolli 25 November 2007

During Rasulullah's (saw) time, the muysrikin knew how much love muslims had for Solah Asr. They thought about attacking the muslims while busy/khusyu' performing Asr.

Allah sent Jibril (as) to warn Rasulullah of this plot. So the muslims performed Solah Asr "khauf" (special arrangement so as to be ready to defend and retaliate in middle of solah).

Lesson: never skip your obligatory solah no matter what! - as long as you have your sanity. And always perform solah in congregation.

In another ayat, Allah said those who have performed solah in khusyu', they are the victors.
We achieve khusyu' only when our heart is "united" with Allah. This is where you can "taste" khusyu'.

How to get this chance? When your heart is alive, healthy, and fertile.

Wallahu a'lam

To Love Solah (MM 4/11/07)

Munyatul Musolli 4 November 2007

How you're supposed to perform solah as commanded by Allah:

  • You take prudence in the 5 daily solahs
  • You're consistent in performing them
  • You're khusyu'. Daily wirid (outside of solah) and mujahadah can contribute to khusyu' since they cleanse the soul. Tariqah could help here.
  • You love solah so much, you can't wait to perform the next one
Solat Asr has special mention due to its high status, and people's tendency to delay it.

Wallahu a'lam

Munyatul Musolli October 2007

This book was written in 1827 by the great Syaikh in Makkah. More like a beginner's manual on how to perform solah according to the Syafi'e mazhab. We in the Sout-East Asia still have high regard to it.


I start this risalah in the name of God the Beneficient, the Merciful towards his faithful servants in the Hereafter.

All praise to Allah, the God of the worlds, who made the 5 daily solahs (prayers) a path for those who fear him. And who made in the solah a refreshment/cool for the eyes (heart?) of Nabi Muhammad (saw). And who made the solah as one of the pillars of Islam.

...And mercy and peace upon our Nabi Muhammad (saw) the Messenger of God of the Worlds. Muhammad (saw) is also the intecessor to the sinners, at the day of Rising. And mercy and peace also upon his family members and companions and upon those who follow him...Mercy and peace upon them all until the day of Rising

  • Solah is a pillar to our religion
  • Priority of solah is only preceded by the "kalimah syahadah"
  • Solah to religion is like a head to a body. Religion within a person is dead without solah.

Wallahu a'lam.

Posts to this blog - introduction


I start this document with the name of Allah, who is the Beneficient, Merciful towards his faithful servants in the Hereafter. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Salawat and salam to our Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family and companions.

This blog is my personal attempt to record Islamic lessons I've been receiving through various syaikhs since 2006. My apologies since there may be inaccuracies in translation between Malay/Arabic/English.

The kitabs I read regularly:

  1. Mengenal Diri & Wali Allah by Mustafa bin Muhammad al-Jiasi. Read under Ustaz Zakaria Awang.
  2. Kifayatul Muhtadin by Syaikh Daud bin Abdullah Al-Fatani. Read under Ustaz Ahmad Jim.
  3. Risalah Tauhid by Ustazs Abdul Ghani Yahya and Umar Yusof translated from the Mesir edition. Read under Ustaz Zakaria Awang.
  4. Jauharatu-Tauhid by Syaikh Ibrahim Al-Laqqani. Read under Ustaz Hafiz bin Selamat.
  5. Muafiq Dan Masbuq by Ustaz Hasan bin Ahmad. Read under Ustaz Zakaria Awang.
  6. Safwatu-Tafasir by Syaikh Mohd Ali As-Sobuni. Read under Ustaz Ahmad Jim.
I'll try to refrain from stating my own opinion in this blog insyaAllah (am not qualified to do so). All the good and benefit come from Allah through these syaikhs and ustazs.

Wallahu a'lam.