Friday, February 29, 2008

Posts to this blog - introduction


I start this document with the name of Allah, who is the Beneficient, Merciful towards his faithful servants in the Hereafter. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Salawat and salam to our Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family and companions.

This blog is my personal attempt to record Islamic lessons I've been receiving through various syaikhs since 2006. My apologies since there may be inaccuracies in translation between Malay/Arabic/English.

The kitabs I read regularly:

  1. Mengenal Diri & Wali Allah by Mustafa bin Muhammad al-Jiasi. Read under Ustaz Zakaria Awang.
  2. Kifayatul Muhtadin by Syaikh Daud bin Abdullah Al-Fatani. Read under Ustaz Ahmad Jim.
  3. Risalah Tauhid by Ustazs Abdul Ghani Yahya and Umar Yusof translated from the Mesir edition. Read under Ustaz Zakaria Awang.
  4. Jauharatu-Tauhid by Syaikh Ibrahim Al-Laqqani. Read under Ustaz Hafiz bin Selamat.
  5. Muafiq Dan Masbuq by Ustaz Hasan bin Ahmad. Read under Ustaz Zakaria Awang.
  6. Safwatu-Tafasir by Syaikh Mohd Ali As-Sobuni. Read under Ustaz Ahmad Jim.
I'll try to refrain from stating my own opinion in this blog insyaAllah (am not qualified to do so). All the good and benefit come from Allah through these syaikhs and ustazs.

Wallahu a'lam.

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  1. Updates:

    Ustaz Zakaria has added following kitabs to his lesson:
    1. Wishahul Afrah by Syaikh Wan Ismail Daud Fathoni
    2. Tajul 'Arus by Syaikh Ibn 'Atoillah as-Sakandari, translated by Syaikh Uthman Pontianak