Friday, February 29, 2008

Never miss out on Solah (MM (25/12/07)

Munyatul Musolli 25 November 2007

During Rasulullah's (saw) time, the muysrikin knew how much love muslims had for Solah Asr. They thought about attacking the muslims while busy/khusyu' performing Asr.

Allah sent Jibril (as) to warn Rasulullah of this plot. So the muslims performed Solah Asr "khauf" (special arrangement so as to be ready to defend and retaliate in middle of solah).

Lesson: never skip your obligatory solah no matter what! - as long as you have your sanity. And always perform solah in congregation.

In another ayat, Allah said those who have performed solah in khusyu', they are the victors.
We achieve khusyu' only when our heart is "united" with Allah. This is where you can "taste" khusyu'.

How to get this chance? When your heart is alive, healthy, and fertile.

Wallahu a'lam

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