Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maulud of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Salawat and salam upon Prophet Muhammad. And upon his family and companions.

We celebrate his birthday today, on 12th of Rabi'ul 'Awwal.

He is the ultimate example for mankind, no doubt.
There is no denying our love for him.
Such a deep love for this noble person is the reason
that we look for every excuse to celebrate him.

We celebrate his birth by reciting more salawat, or recite specific poems such as the Qasidah Burdah of Imam Muhammad bin Sa'id al-Bushiri. The imam said:

How could I hide my love
if that love is manifested in my
tears and suffering
(verse 6)

As long as you do not follow the way of the Christians
(who overly praise Jesus alaihissalam and turn him into god)
praise him (Muhammad) the way you please
(verse 43)

Let me utter the virtues of Muhammad
and make them shine like a beacon
on a hill, greeting the arriving wayfarers

Pearls, beautiful they are stringed together
still they radiate beauty scattered and unpolished
(verse 88-89)

O Allah pour mercy upon Sayyidina Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad,
just like you have poured mercy upon Sayyidina Ibrahim and upon the family of Ibrahim. For all the worlds, really You are the Most Praiseworthy and the Most Honorable.

Wallahu a'lam

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