Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hidayatus Salikin - Staying Away From Sins of The Tongue #2

Imam Ghazali said in Ihya Ulumiddin:

"For every noble intention that can be reached either by tellling the truth or lies in equal likelihood, then lying is not allowed (haram), and if the intention can be achieved only by telling lies, not by truth, then lying is allowed (mubah). This if the intention is of mubah nature.

If the intention is of wajib nature, then telling lies is wajib to make. An example is if telling the truth would spill a fellow Muslim’s blood, who is hiding from a tyrant.

If the following intention cannot be realized except through deceit, then lying is allowed:
1. In a war fi sabilillah
2. In fighting off rebellion against a just government
3. In trying to reconciliate a person who is emotionally hurt

However it is proper that one tries very hard not to tell lies."

Prevent yourself from breaking a promise except due to weakness or emergency. Nabi (saw) has said (what we translate):

Three characteristics, any of them in possession shows a person as a hypocrite (munafiq) even if he fasts and prays: When he talks he lies, when promises he breaks, when entrusted he betrays

Safeguard yourself from backbiting , Allah The Most High said (what we translate):

Do not backbite each other, would you enjoy eating your own dead brother’s flesh? So be repulsed with it.

What we learn from this verse is that backbiting is as unlawful and disgusting as eating rotten flesh. Our Nabi (saw) had said (what we translate):

Fear backbiting, for it is more evil than fornication (zina). A man fornicated and later he repents, and Allah forgives. But Allah does not forgive a backbiter until he is forgiven by the person being backbitten.

Wallahu a'lam

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