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Perfection of Solah (MM 8/6/08)

Munyatul Musolli 8th June 2008

Continuing with points for perfection of solah:

The 3rd point is wearing proper clothes to cover during solah. Allah said:

خذو زينتكم عند كل مسجد
Put on adornment (dress) when you are at places of worship.

The 4th point is to perform solah within prescribed time.
The 5th point is to face the direction of Ka’bah.
The 6th point is to set the intention (niat). Said Rasulullah (saw):

إنما لاءعمال باالنيات
Truly every deed is accompanied with niat.

The 7th point is takbiratul-ihram (Saying “Allahu akbar”). Rasulullah (saw) said:

تحريمها التكبير وتحليلها التسليم
Takbir makes it illegal, and salam makes it legal.

The 8th point is standing up in solah. Allah said:

وقوموا لله قانتين

And stand up before Allah in full piety.

The 9th point is reciting the Qur’an.
The 10th point is bowing (ruku’).
The 11th point is prostrating (sujud) twice.
The 12th point is sitting for tasyahhud.

1st point - Knowledge (‘Ilm)
Knowledge about solah is broken down into 3 aspects:

  1. Ability to identify which element is compulsory (fardu) and which is encouraged (sunnah). Solah is not valid if the correct method is not followed.
  2. Knowledge on ablution (wudhu’) to identify which element is compulsory, and which is encouraged.
  3. Ability to spot tricks played by syaitan. With this knowledge we can evade syaitan trying to veer us away from Allah.
2nd point - Ablution
3 considerations to ensure a perfect ablution:

  1. Clean the heart from evil, hatred and loathing.
  2. Clean the body from sin.
  3. Wash parts of body with prudent use of water.

3rd point – Proper dress
Before dressing up for solah consider the following:

  1. Whether the dress is obtained from legitimate sources (halal).
  2. Whether the cloth is clean.
  3. Whether the dress conforms with sunnah and devoid of arrogance, show-off or pride.

Ustaz Zakaria added:

  • When washing clothes to be used for solah, make sure do it according to syara’ such as sprinkling water from the top and let the water drip away from the bottom.
  • Before washing from public faucet, make sure you sprinkle water at the outlet to ensure water purity.
  • Better pray at masjid or surau since impurities (najis) found on the floors are excusable (lizard dropping etc). Compare this to floor at home spotted with remnant of children urine and excrement (babies without diaper).
  • You face the direction of Ka’bah (qiblah) even before raising the takbiratul-ihram.
  • Step out to masjid or surau even before azan sounds, not after solah commences.
  • If you are convinced certain element of solah is obligatory when it is only encouraged, then your solah becomes invalid.
  • It is valid to perform solah behind an angel (malaikat) (even though we can never ascertain their gender).

Wallahu a'lam

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