Monday, June 2, 2008

Terms and What They Mean #3

Reference table #3 to assist you with the words. Next time you need to refer, just click on "Glossary of Terms" label to the right.

Alaihi salam. Arabic salutation after mentioning any of the Nabis (beside Muhammad), meaning 'upon him peace'. Sometimes also used for the angel 'Jibril'.
Radiallahu 'anh. Arabic salutation after mentioning a companion of Prophet Muhammad. Sometimes also used after prominent ulama. Means 'Allah is pleased with him/her'.

Rahimullahu 'alaih. Arabic salutation after mentioning a deceased muslim. Sometimes reserved for ulama and selected people only. Means 'may Allah's mercy be upon him'.

Sollallahu alaihi wasallam. Arabic salutation after mentioning the name of Prophet Muhammad, meaning 'Allah's greetings and peace upon him'.

Benefit or blessing transmitted from those closer to Allah.
A person knowledgable in Fiqh.
FiqhFekahIslamic ruling or law. Together with Tauhid and Tasawwuf form 3 branches of Islamic knowledge that each Muslim is required to learn.
The method of sitting during non-final tasyahhuds, where both legs are folded backwards and supports the posterior.
IlmIlm, IlmuKnowledge.
Isra' and Mi'raj
The miraculous event when Allah made Prophet Muhammad travel from Mecca to Jerusalem, then to the heavens, then back to Mecca, all in a matter of minutes. Allah gave order to Prophet Muhammad to perform solah 5 times a day.

Muslims of later generation than the 'Salaf'.
MalaikahMalaikatAngels. The leader is named Jibril.
MaqamMakamSpritual status. In another meaning, maqam refers to grave.
Mary, mother of Nabi Isa (as).
A person selected by Allah to become His messenger.There are hundred of thousand of them, started with Adam, and ended with Muhammad.
A person selected by Allah to become His messenger. His responsibility is wider than a Nabi's. To be explained in future lessons if God wills. Out of hundred thousand Nabis, only 313 of them are ranked as Rasuls (Adam and Muhammad included).

Literally 'friends' or 'companions'. Most of the time, this refers to contemporaries of Prophet Muhammad (saw).
The pious and knowledgable generation of Muslims within 300 years of the death of Prophet Muhammad (saw).
SayyidinaSaidinaLiterally means 'our master' or 'our leader'. 'Sayyidina Muhammad' would mean 'Our leader Prophet Muhammad'.
SyaikhSheikhMaster or teacher. Usually reserved for the very pious ones. In Malaysia, they are called 'Tuan Guru', in Indonesia 'Kiyai' or 'Syiah', in Southern Thailand 'Baba', in Phillipines 'Maulana'.
TafsirTafseerLiterally means 'explanation'. Usually refers to the explanation (or exegesis) of Al-Quran.

TasawwufTasauf, SufismScience of cleansing the heart from flawed characters. Together with Tauhid and Fiqh form 3 branches of Islamic knowledge that each Muslim is required to learn.

WaqafWakafCharity. Money or materials set aside for the needy.
Wudu'WuduAblution. Cleaning the face, hands, forehead, and feet before performing solah or touching the Quran.

YaqinYakin, YaqeenTrue conviction. With confidence.

Wallahu a'lam


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