Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Advise from Ustaz Zakaria 25/5/08

Some words from Ustaz Zakaria that I couldn’t fit in the last post:

Make it clear to yourself that you attend Islamic lessons to improve yourself first, and improve other people around you last.

We should respect knowledge so that we get the barakah (blessing). Only then the knowledge can answer on our behalf in afterlife. Example of respect is by storing a book on a respectable place.

Ustaz Zakaria’s syaikhs include Hj Mustafa, Hj Abdul Aziz, Hj Abdul Qadir (murid of Tok Selehor)

Those who journey towards Allah will be tested by Him.

Isa (as) was created from his mother only. There’s nothing impossible about that considering God created Adam (as) sans mother and father, and Eve without a mother.

Syaikh Daud Fatani (rh) is a famous Malay faqih. Yet his books on fiqh (rulings) always has a glimpse of tasawwuf (cleansing of heart).

Solah in front of Allah is akin to working in front of a mean superior. Imagine He would admonish or even fire if you slip up. You have this fear when your status is at ‘Maqam Ihsan’.

To stay focused during solah, you have to train your heart outside of it. There’s no switch you can turn on/off. It takes time and work, just like training a monkey to climb a tree and pluck coconuts for you. You train your heart with remembrance of Allah, self assessment, and abstention from excessive pleasure.

Ahmad Laksamana described ‘Martabat 7’ (the 7 Stations) wrong, that was why his book ‘Hakikat Insan’ was banned and the ulama urged him to repent. Martabat 7 is fine if it is taught by a qualified ulama.

'Ilm Kaf40 recited during sunrise - good for self protection and to become physically strong. 'Ilm Syahud. There's nothing wrong with this practice.

Ustaz Zakaria will be in Kemboja this week to distribute waqaf (charity) money to build a mosque in Kampung Papahat. There will be no lesson next Sunday.

Wallahu a'lam


  1. I have long heard of this ilmu. What is Ilmu Kaf40? Can I know the ayat and details of it. Can it be recited without getting the ijazah from the guru?

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    I've heard about it but truth is I don't know whats it for :(
    There's a booklet by Sh. Abdul Qadir Martapura "Senjata Mukmin" containing daily doa and stuffs for personal protection, rezqi etc. I got a copy from bookshop in Jln Tunku Abd Rahman KL.

    Generally you can recite any doa (Malay/Arabic)or Quranic ayat for benefits. InshaAllah maqbul. But its always better to get ijazah/talqin from a shaikh:
    1. to guarantee its authenticity.
    2. to prevent corruption due to misprint.
    3. to preserve the barakah (Ustz Zakaria said: "baru ada karan")

    And Ustz Ismail Kamus once warned us from practising doa that we don't know the meaning - on fear of commiitting syirik.