Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reward and Timing of Solah (MM 11/5/08)

Munyatul Musolli 11 May 2008

Continuing with hadith from Jabir and Mu'az (radiallahuanhuma):

...When Rasulullah (saw) reached the 4th sky, the angels we sitting for tasyahhud
throughout, and when he reached the 5th sky, the angels were reciting tasbih and doing zikir on Allah. On reaching the 6th sky, Rasulullah (saw) saw the angels reciting takbir and on the 7th sky the angels were saying the greetings "Ya Salam". Rasulullah (saw) became elated, and craved such a reward for himself and his followers (ummah). Thus reward of all the angels in the seven skies are rolled up into 2 rak'ahs of solah in honor of Rasulullah (saw) and his followers.

Therefore any Muslim who stands up for solah and perfects all its elements will be granted
this great reward.

Time to perform solah

Hukamas (wise people) have said that each of the solah has been timed according to actions
of the previous messengers of Allah.
The first person to ever pray Subuh was Nabi Adam (as) after he was expelled from Heaven.
Terrified by the darkness, he quickly performed solah once dawn broke. The first rak'ah
was to show gratitude for passing of the darkness, and the second was gratitude to see

Said Ustaz Zakaria:

  • A hukama is a wise person chosen by Allah. He does not need to bring forward dalil, yet his words should be followed by us the common people.
  • There are 2 types of dawn (fajar) every morning. The false one (kazib) comes first, then the true one (sadiq). A rooster crows once, then goes back to sleep, then crows again to announce time for Subuh.
  • Something to ponder: could it be that a rooster crowing is a kind of 'tahajjud prayer' to Allah? A hen does not crow, but she rears chicks, which is another kind of tasbih?
  • Haji Mat Bangkok bin Tok Kenali (rh) kept a rooster to remind him to do zikir to Allah. Ustaz Zakaria visited him 1 week before his passing away in the 60s. Some ulama said he was a wali of Allah.

Wallahu a'lam

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