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Joy of Solah (MM 25/5/08)

Munyatul Musolli 25 May 2008

The first person ever to pray ‘Maghrib’ was Nabi Isa (as) when he was lifted out from the midst of people (who were trying to kill him). This happened at sunset.

  1. The 1st rak’ah to deny there is another God beside Allah.
  2. The 2nd rak’ah as a denial on the accusation people made to his mother (Maryam).
  3. The 3rd to assert divinity to Allah alone.

The first and second rak’ahs are related to one another, while the third stands by itself.

The first person to pray ‘Isya was Nabi Musa (as). He lost his way while traveling from Madyan. Add to that the distress of his wife, Harun's (as) his brother, Fir’aun's his enemy, and the distress of his children. Came time of ‘Isya’, and God lifted away those troubles from him. Musa (as) prayed four rak’ahs grateful being deprived of those four grief.

And it should be noted that some other hukamas differed in opinion:

  • Subuh was performed first by Nabi Adam.
  • Zuhur performed first by Nabi Daud.
  • ‘Asr first by Nabi Sulaiman.
  • Maghrib first by Nabi Ya’qub.
  • ‘Isya first by Nabi Yunus.

Joy of Solah

Imagine a king prepares a feast with different kinds of dishes and beverages of different taste and flavor. Then he called out his servants to enjoy the food and drinks. On the same note, Allah prepared solah which is the main dish, and different kinds of zikr, tasbih, and do’a as the drinks and desserts, so that his servants can taste and indulge themselves and be grateful.

A person who is an acquaintance of Allah (‘arifin) would be overwhelmed in such joy with solah, and would feel such serenity in his heart. This is a reward known as ‘Instant Heaven’ (Jannatul ‘Aajilah). Allah has said in the Quran:

…And two types of heaven for those who fear the station of his God.

The first heaven is the serenity, and the second heaven is one in the Hereafter.

Perfection of Solah

Some of the hukamas add further that a solah is made up of 12,000 articles. These articles are then crammed into 12 points; 6 of which before the actual execution of the solah, and another 6 follows during solah. A muslim who desires the true solah should know and refine these points.The first point is Knowledge ('ilm). Said the Messenger of Allah (saw):

A simple deed executed with knowledge is more valuable than abundant deed, but lacking in knowledge.

The second point is Ablution (wudu') because said the Messenger of Allah (saw):

There is no solah without wudu’.

Wallahu a'lam

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