Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reward on Perfect Solah (MM 4/5/08)

Muniatul Musolli 4 May 2008

Said some of the scholars:

It has reached us that the reward of solah to a servant, is equivalent to those conferred upon 40 prayer-rows of angels. In each row there are 70,000 angels performing solah.
From this 40 , 10 rows contain angels who stand still throughout their solah and they never bow (ruku'). Another 10 rows of angels bow throughout their solah but they never prostrate (sujud). Another 10 rows of them prostrate throughout and they never raise their head. The remaining 10 rows of angels sit throughout and they never stand up.

Be aware of the high status of solah! Everytime a faithful muslim prays 2 raka'ats, Allah rewards him the equivalent of 2.8 million angels praying.

In a hadith relayed to us by Jabir and Mu'az radiallahu'anhuma:

When Rasulullah (saw) was elevated to the heavens during the event of Mi'raj, he saw angels in the 1st layer of the sky. They were standing still chanting remembrance of Allah, and they never bowed.
When Rasulullah (saw) he traveled further to the 2nd sky, there were angels bowing and never raising their head.
At the 3rd sky, there were angels prostrating and never raising their head. When Rasulullah (saw) gave salam, they raised just enough to return his salam, then returned to their sujud (This is the basis for doing 2 sujuds in a solah)...

Today Ustaz Zakaria officially launched the madrasah fund:

  1. To build a new structure for office and dining hall
  2. To build a new complex for the elderly ladies
  3. And to open a new branch of Madrasah Diniah Ahmadiah in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan. A land parcel (3 acres) for the site has been donated by a generous businessman as willed by his late father.
Wallahu a'lam

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