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Sujud Sahwi and Makruh Elements (MM 24/8/08)

Munyatul Musolli 24th August 2008

Sujud Sahwi (continued).

Sujud sahwi is done only once (2 sujuds with 1 sitting in between). This is regardless the count of sunnah ab’ad being missed.

  1. State your intention (niat) to do sujud sahwi before actually performing it.
  2. Perform it after saying the salawat of the final tasyahhud, and before salam.
  3. Observe the rules as in doing regular sujud in solah.
  4. Recite “سُبْحَانَ مَنْ لاَ يَنَامُ وَلاَ يَسْهُو”. This is recommended (sunnah).
If you intentionally skip sujud sahwi, you’re not allowed to make up for it after concluding solah. But if you forget it and proceed to give salam, you have a second chance to do it. Make intention to reenter solah and to do sujud sahwi, and bend down for sujud. Conditions for this:
  1. The time passed since the 2nd salam is not too long.
  2. Behave as if you are back in solah. Give salam again after completing the sujud sahwi.
  3. If you do something that nullify solah during this time, the whole solah is considered null, and need to be redone completely.
Sunnah Arrangements Prior to Performing Solah
Among the preferred arrangements before performing solah are:
  1. Azan and iqamah.
  2. Find a place that has enclosure like a wall or a pillar. Or a place fenced off by anything 2/3 of hasta (elbow length) in height. If not, spread a sajdah (prayer mat) or draw a line around you to show the boundary.
  3. Make sure that the enclosure or the line length is no longer than 3 hasta from your heel towards the qiblah.
  4. If you mark the boundary with a single pillar, take care not to be directly behind it, but a bit to the right, or bit to left.
Makruh Elements During Solah
The makruh (disliked) doings in solah are numerous, among them:
  1. Do not turn the head right and left.
  2. Do not turn the face skywards. This could lead to many diversions by syaitan.
  3. Do not cover the mouth with a piece of cloth or any other article. But it’s encouraged to cover the mouth with hand when yawning. This is in conjunction with a hadith that encourages so to prevent syaitan from entering the body.
  4. Do not tie the hair in knot, except for women.
  5. Do not spit while performing solah. If you really need to, then spit towards the left or under your feet, then cover the spit with earth. If you pray inside a masjid, you’re not allowed to spit at all so as to preserve cleanliness. In a hadith, spitting inside a masjid is unlawful.
  6. Do not clutch your hands on sides of the hips. This is specifically prevented in a hadith. It is a symbol of boastfulness and aggression. People do this in Hell - when being relieved from torture.
  7. When doing ruku’ do not overly lower the head such that it’s not even with the back.
  8. Do not pray while holding back urge to go to the toilet or pass wind. If you need to go, then put off solah until you relieve yourself.
  9. Do not pray while there’s tempting food or drinks in front. There’s a hadith: “ There’s no (complete) solah in front of food.
  10. Do not pray inside the bathroom, near a cliff-edge, in the middle of a public road, sewage-disposal, or places of idol-worship.
  11. Do not pray inside animal herding places. Do not pray near a non-muslim cemetery. If praying on a grave that has been exhumed, make sure there is a spread between you and ground because the earth is considered unclean and would nullify the solah.
  12. Do not solah inside a Christian church, Jewish synagogue, or idolater’s temple.

Ustaz Zakaria added:

  • If you don’t state intention to do sujud sahwi before actually performing it, then your solah is batal.
  • In case you forget to do sujud sahwi, re-enter solah and perform sujud sahwi, but make sure:
    1. Duration from salam to the time you re-enter solah is not too long.
    2. Nothing that could have nullified solah occurred between the salam and point you re-enter solah.
    3. After re-enter solah and performed sujud sahwi, you give salam again twice.
    4. If something happens that nullifies a solah before giving first set and second set of salams, the whole solah is considered batal and need to be redone completely.

  • It is also encouraged to call out the Azan:
    1. On the right ear of newly born babies (just softly).
    2. When starting a long journey.
    3. When stopping over at isolated places that might be occupied by syaitan or jinns.
    4. On the ears of a person possessed by syaitan or jinns.
    5. To halt advance of fire.
    6. When confronting enemy troops.
    7. When about to bury a janazah (deceased). However ulama differed on this verdict (khilaf).
  • Do not read writings on tombstones. This would weaken your understanding in lessons. If you really need to identify a grave, a simple glance on the name should suffice.
  • Turn your palms upward during do’a (supplication) and you can raise them high, but keep your face downwards in humility.
  • Among generosity of Allah: you can get reward when yawning (if done in proper manner). You can even be rewarded for going to the toilet.
  • When yawning, cover your mouth with the right hand because mouth is a dignified place.
  • It is haram (disallowed) to desecrate a masjid with filth. Smoking in its vicinity is haram because it fouls the air.
  • Spread a cover before doing solah on the grounds of non-muslim cemetery and there’re signs that bodies have been dug up. The dug-up ground is considered najis (unclean) and you have to stay out of contact from it.
  • Wiping the face at the end of solah (after salam) is a good thing. The face is a noble place. Why dispute the legality of it?

Wallahu a'lam

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