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Pondok Hj Salleh Sik 29/8/08

Pondok Hj Salleh Sik, 29th August 2008

(Note: I went to the pondok not taking a pen with me. Translating this from poor memory, there isn't a lot to write.)
Ustaz Hj Salleh read 3 kitabs: Tafsir Nurul Ihsan, Kifayatul Muhtaj, and 'Aqidatun Najin. His son - Ustaz Muslim - read Bahrul Mazi.

Tafsir Nurul Ihsan (Haji Muhammad Sa'id bin Umar)

As we understand from Surah al-A'raf ayah 172:
Before we were born, Allah called upon our soul and we assembled in front of Him. He asked us: "Am I not your God?"

And we pledged: "Indeed you are". But later we grow up and break this oath.

Kifayat al-Muhtaj fi al-Isra'wa al-Mi'raj (Syaikh Daud al-Fathani)

On the night (Isra' and Mi'raj) that Nabi Muhammad (saw) was summoned by God, a buraq was dispatched as a mean of transport. Buraq is a horse-like animal, its size somewhere between a 'himar' and a 'baghal'.

The buraq was the same mount as had been used by Nabi Ibrahim (as) to travel between lands of Iraq, Syria, and Hijaz thousands years before.

The buraq covered large distance in single leap, while taking care to ensure comfort to its most noble passenger. Jibril (as) flew side by side with them.

They stopped by a hamlet full of date palms. After performing solah, Jibril told Nabi Muhammad (saw) that this place was called 'Yathrib', and he (Muhammad) was set to return to this place in the future.

'Aqidatun Najin (Tuan Minal)

Sifats Ma'ani are the following attributes of Allah:
Hayah, Qudrah, Iradah, 'Ilm, Sama’, Basor, Kalam.

Each of these 7 attributes "is not Him, but neither it is, other than Him". - لا هي هوا، ولا هي غيره

In explaining this, Ustaz Haji Salleh made this analogy:

A chili (pepper) has a color - green - in character (sifat). Yet green is not the being - not the chili itself. If you take away the 'green', the chili is still a chili. We conclude so because a chili is green when young, and becomes red once mature. A chili without the geen color is still a chili.

In a second example, let's consider a hot water. The sifat in question is 'hot', not the physical being of water itself. If it was, then the water would've diminished in quantity once it cools down.

Bahrul Mazi(Syeikh Muhammad Idris Merbawi)

There is a specific hadith that says there is no solah between 'Asr and Maghrib.

This prohibition is exempted (among all) for following solah:

  • Sunnah solah that is tied to a specific event or place (sun eclipse, tahiyyatul masjid etc).
  • Past obligatory/rawatib solah that need to be made up (qodo).
This prohibition also is relative to action, not relative to time. Say time for 'Asr is 4.30pm. Umar performs 'Asr in jama'ah exactly at 4.30. After he finishes, he is not allowed to do nawafil or sunnah solah until maghrib comes. On the other hand Zaid comes to the masjid later at 6.00, but he is still allowed to perform rawatib (sunnah) solah, then perform 'asr.

Wallahu a'lam

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