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Friday Solah (MM 21/9/08)

Munyatul Musolli 21st Sept 2008

Solah in Jama’ah (continued)
Solah in jama’ah is preferred over solah singly. All fardu solah is ranked as follows in the need for jama’ah:

  1. Solah Jumu’ah (Friday congregational solah) – compulsory to perform it in jama’ah.
  2. Subuh
  3. Isya’
  4. ‘Asr
  5. Zuhur
  6. Maghrib
Solah Jumu’ah (Friday)
It is bad enough if a Muslim miss a solah in jama’ah. It is even worse to miss Friday solah - the whole community should declare enmity towards the offender and burn down his house. This demand goes to show how immoral and appalling the offense is. It is a consensus among ulama that Friday solah is ‘fardu ain’ – obligatory on each Muslim, and skipping it is haram and sinful.

Nabi (saw) said:

من ترك ثلاث جمع من غير عذر طبع الله قلبه

Whoever misses 3 Friday solah without excuse, Allah will seal shut his heart.

Once Saidina ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas (ra) was asked:
A man who regularly stand up at night to pray and fast during the day, but attend netiher Jumu’ah nor jama’ah, what will happen to him?

He answered: His place is in Hell!

Moreover Nabi (Saw) said:

من ترك الجمعة ثلاثا من غير عذر فقد نبذ الاءسلام
وراء ظهره

Whoever misses out on Friday solah 3 times without excuse, really he has tossed
Islam behind his back.

Virtues of Friday
Make it known that to Allah, Friday is the noblest among all days of the week. Adam (as) was created on Friday and the end of the world will also be on Friday.

Friday is also the best day of the week that the sun set to rise. On Friday, 600,000 people in Hell are forgiven and let out. It is no surprise either that a Muslim who dies on Friday is recorded a martyr and he is safeguarded from trials in the grave.

We are encouraged to say a lot of salawat to Nabi (saw), and recite surah al-Kahf on Friday and the night preceding it.

It is sunnah to make intention (niat) for Friday when starting morning shower. Then go to the masjid early before solah, and listen carefully to the sermon (khutbah). Some folks intentionally delay Friday solah in waiting for the congregants to fill up the masjid. This is bid’ah (later-day innovation) and you should take care to avoid it.

The community leader has the obligation to force all muslims to attend Friday solah. Failure to attend should be made punishable by law. The enforcement is mandatory upon the leader, and shall not be taken half-heartedly. Friday solah is one of symbols of Islam, and enforcing it shows that religious duties should not be taken lightly.

If the authority take enformencent lightly, the sin of the offender is borne on him as well. This is for neglecting “amar ma’ruf wa nahyu ‘anil munkar” (Command people to do good and prevent them from doing evil).

Coming Late For Friday Solah
To qualify as having performed Friday Solah, a latecomer has to make sure he joins the jama'ah at least 1 full rak'ah. If he joins when the imam is doing ruku' of the 2nd rak'ah, then his Friday Solah is fulfilled. Of course after the imam gives salam, this latecomer must raise and perform 1 more rak'ah alone (taking care to recite loud because this is a Friday solah).
On the other hand, if the latecomer join the jama'ah when the imam has completed ruku' of the 2nd rak'ah, then he misses that Friday Solah. Once the imam gives salam, he should raise and perform 4 rak'ahs of zuhur (and recite silently).

Said Ustaz Zakaria:

  1. We Malays recite Yasin and tahlil on Thursday night taking advantage of Friday's special status, and in line with 600,000 people being relieved from Hellfire.
  2. Other surahs recommended recited on Friday: ad-Dukhan, al-Qiyamah etc.
  3. Those who die on Friday counted as 'syahid aakhirah', so we still wash them and give proper burial.
  4. Some masjids wait until khutbah, then start collecting donation from the congregants. This is not good practice as it spoils the reward Allah reserves for being attentive to khutbah.
  5. Friday shower is sunnah only to those having intention to attend solah Jumu'ah.
  6. A latecomer who is aware that he is too late to be counted as Friday solah can opt to state his niat (at takbiratul-ihram) as performing Zuhur.

Wallahu a'lam

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