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Solah Jumu'ah in Jama'ah

Munyatul Musolli 28th Sept 2008

Solah Jumu'ah = weekly solah on Friday
Jama'ah = congregation, a group of people, or a community.

Solah Jumu’ah (continued)
A latecomer who joins Jumu’ah during the second rak’ah counts as having fulfilled the Jumu’ah. Consider a second person coming to the masjid even later - after the imam concludes the solah - and follows this latecomer as a masbuq. If he joins before the ruku’ of the second rak’ah, this second person would get counted as part of the original Jumu’ah as well.

Prerequisites for Jumu’ah

The first prerequisite is the need for a jama’ah (congregation). There has to be at least 40 qualified congregants. Each of them has to be:

  • ‘Aqil baligh – achieved puberty and having sane mind.
  • Free – not owned as a slaved.
  • Mastautin - a local resident.

In addition, each congregant should also be reliable to fulfil all requirements for individual solah.
A person (literate or not) unable to recite al-Fatihah well enough and neglects to learn and improve himself should not be counted as reliable. Thus he should not be counted among the 40. This is a consensus between Syaikh Ibn Hajar (rh) and Syaikh Ramli (rh).

In contrast, a person unable to recite well, but continually tries to learn and improve; or simply too unintelligent to improve, counts as reliable. Syaikh Ramli had the opinion that this person can be counted among the 40 provided that other competent congregant taking responsibilities as the imam and khatib. Syaikh Ibn Hajar however disagreed - this person should not be counted among the 40 no matter if he is the imam or khatib or neither.

It is acceptable if a congregant is not well versed with elements of solah, such as which element is obligatory(rukun) and which is only encouraged (sunnah). This holds true as long as he does not skip a rukun (convinced it being a sunnah). Both Syaikh Ibn Hajar and Syaikh Ramli concur that this person is reliable and included in the 40.

Zuhur and Jumu’ah
Once Friday solah (Jumu’ah) is fulfilled, then it is disallowed (haram) to accompany it with Zuhur because it is not right to perform 2 fardu solahs within a prescribed period. Nabi (saw) never did so, neither did the 4 Guided Caliphs nor the ulama of the old (mutaqaddimin) or the recent (muta’akhirin).

There may be some exceptions as done in Mesir (Egypt) due to the large population, many cities and different mazhab (fiqh school of thought). According to Hanafi mazhab, it is acceptable to have multiple Jumu’ah congregations within a city or village, even if each masjid is not filled to maximum capacity. However, within Syafi’I mazhab there is an opinion (qaul) that multiple jama’ah is not allowed within a city limit regardless of masjids being overflowed or not. When these two mazhab are practiced within the same city, inevitably the Syafi’I is at odd, because Hanafis perform Jumu’ah at many masjids due to distance or comfort. So Syafi’I jama’ah usually opt to perform Zuhur after their Jumu’ah in respect of the offended qaul. In this case, both their Jumu’ah and Zuhur are valid.

Said Ustaz Zakaria:

  • People of Mastautin – local residents who do not intend to relocate elsewhere.
  • People of Muqim – temporary residents who intend to relocate after 3 days.
  • People of Musafir – those traveling beyond the boundary of his qariah (neighborhood).
  • At Masjid Jamek and Masjid Negara (Kuala Lumpur), some more-knowledgeable people follow-up Friday solah with Zuhur.
  • A person who has gone for lessons yet still fail to recite correctly is not qualified to become an imam if there is a more able person. His solah is valid for himself only.
  • If you fail to recite a rukun correctly, then your solah is invalid. If you fail to recite a sunnah correctly, then you don’t get the reward. Your solah is still valid.
Wallahu a'lam

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