Friday, September 5, 2008

Easier to Read with RSS Reader

RSS Reader

I found it easier to read blogs of islaminus kind with an RSS Reader. Just launch it, and the blog will be delivered to you.

With RSS readers, slow internet connection won't spoil the fun. What more, you can rearrange the entries by date. Try listing the earlier entry at top - this makes it easy to follow the lesson. Human eyes scan for materials top to bottom, but blogs display latest entry at top.

I use Snarfer , but you have alternatives: Tristana, Feed Demon etc. All are free.

Install the RSS reader. Create new feed, and key in It will download all previous islaminus entries, and you view them just like reading email. New entries will be delivered automatically.

To get going quickly without downloading, look for this logo on the right towards the bottom.

Just click on it. You'll see what it would look like on an RSS reader.

Allah knows best.

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