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Virtues of Iman (Part 2 of 3)

Virtues of Iman continued

This article adapted from Ustaz Zakaria's discourse night of 18 Ramadan 1429H between tarawihs. Based on a chapter of the book "Jaharul Mauhub" by Syaikh Wan Ali Kutan(rh)

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Types of Faith
In the kitab (book) Jauharul Mauhub by Syaikh Wan Ali Kutan, it is mentioned 3 types of faith (iman) that we see among the believers:

A person labeled with ‘iman taqlid’ means he is a follower. He believes in God simply because everybody else does. He cannot justify his belief with proofs. We can break down iman taqlid into 2 categories:
  1. Taqlid with jazmi – a follower, but a convinced one. If we ask Him about God, he concurs, but if we prod him to supply proof about God, he is not able to. He is convinced that God exists because that is what he has been taught. Some ulama maintain that this person is a believer, but he remains a sinner until he starts to learn about God.
  2. Taqlid without jazmi – a follower, and not 100% convinced with God. This person is not fit to be considered a Muslim.
This person, without question is a believer. He believes in God and knows how to justify God. If we have conversation with him:
Q: Do you believe that God exists? Prove it?
A: Yes I do. There is this world, so there must be God.
Q: How you relate that?
A: Because the world is new. Everything new must be created, hence a Creator.
Q: What made you say the world is new?
A: Because it keeps changing. When something changes, it turns new.

This type of faith is where we common folks want to achieve. We want to know the twenty sifaat (attributes) of Allah (even though Allah has more than 20 sifaat). It is a shame that some ignorant ustaz discourage us from learning this subject for fear of innovation (bid’ah). These ignorant pretenders do not have a place among us – Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama’ah - and we should chase them away if they come to teach us about Islam.

This type of faith is the ultimate. The heart is immersed in iman due to the experience (zauq) with God. If you want to achieve this level, train your heart with special wirid (besides other deeds).

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