Thursday, January 15, 2009

Leaders’ Burden

Munyatul Musolli ( Tatmimul Faa’idah) 11th January 2009

Some of the past rulers used to write 3 pieces of note, which were to be handed back to him one by one anytime he becomes angry.

The first note said:
"You are no god but mere mortal. When you die the earth will consume you."

The second note:
"Have mercy upon those on earth, those in the heavens will have mercy upon you."

The third:
"Rule the people by laws of Allah, nothing else is more appropriate."

A ruler has no option but to encourage good behavior; else, his kingdom will be punished with crime and wrongdoing.
Once a jew came into audience of Caliph ‘Abdul Malik bin Marwan complaining being wronged by a state official. He demanded apology and that the jews be treated fairly. The caliph turned away with hatred; the jew repeated his plea second time and got the similar response. Finally the jew said:
“O Commander of the Faithful, the Torah as revealed to Moses says that a leader should never collaborate in acts of tyranny. If it has been made known to him, yet he fails to prevent tyranny, then he is a collaborator!”
‘Abdul Malik was so shaken he spared no time to sack the official. He later returned what was rightful to the jew.

Iskandar Zulkarnain once said:
“O servants of Allah, indeed your god is Allah and there is no god besides Him. Know that He is the one who helped Noah, and He showers you with rain when you are in need of drink, and unto Him you return when you die. By Allah, if He is fond of something, then I would be fond of it too and I will keep doing it until I die. If He despise something then I would find it despicable too, and I will stay clear of it until the day I die.
I have been told that Allah loves to do justice to His servants, and detests those who oppress others. Woe upon the oppressors! Beware that those I have appointed into position and rules justly, he can sit at ease in my gathering. He can ask for anything and I shall realize it.”

It is said that when a leader is corrupt, then his people will be corrupt. Likewise when the leader is good, so are the people.

Wahab bin Manbah (ra) said when a leader does something inappropriate, Allah will show disapproval by taking something away from his people or from his harvests. On the other hand if he does something righteous, then Allah will shower his land with bounty and abundance.

Historians said a king once concealed his royalty and made rounds to see well being of his people. He came across a farmer, whose prize cow produced huge quantity of milk – so huge the milk was 3o times as much as a normal cow would produce. In amazement he fancied how nice if the cow had been his own. The next morning he saw the farmer squeezed milk out only half of normal quantity, and he asked why so. The farmer was surprised himself and replied he had fed the cow as usual, but it just might be possible that his king had behaved unjustly, thus his nation had become less prosper. The king realized his mistake and repented silently. The next morning the cow produced a lot of milk again.

Ustaz Zakaria said:
  • Allah will never give guidance to the tyrants.
  • Each muslim is responsible to help establish a just government. There are many ways to fulfill this responsibility, do not become narrow-minded. Currently the right way is by democracy, not by armed revolution.
  • The original Torah advocated peace and justice. The jewish people who are bombing the Palestinian muslims these days are clearly not following their book.
  • The Arabs might wear white robes, but they do not necessarily do so due to Islamic tendency. Most of them practise secular system in daily life.
  • The kings of old times were sensitive to the laws of Allah.
  • Be fair to captive animals, give them food, drinks, mate.
  • There are many categories of disbelievers (kaafir): harbi, muawwaman, muahhad etc. Pass judgment on them based on their own religion.

Wallahu a'lam

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