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Merits of a Just Ruler

Munyatul Musolli ( Tatmimul Faa’idah) 4th January 2009

‘Abdul Rahman bin Samurrah said that The Prophet (saw) had said:

Do not ask for position to rule over people. Nevertheless if it is given to you without asking, then Allah may help you. If it is given because you asked for it, then you are left to fend for yourself alone with it.

We are obliged to take side with a just ruler, on the other hand, we are obliged to break away when he is unjust. And know that best of times comes when the land is ruled with justice.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) also said:

A day’s worth of deeds – when performed by a just leader - merit more than 100 year’s worth of deeds performed by a man who is only fair to his family.

A moment spent by a just leader is more precious than sixty year’s worth of worship.

A supplication made to Allah, by a just leader, is never rejected.

Saidina Umar (ra) once said to Ka’ab (ra): Tell me about the Gardens of Eden (Jannatu ‘Adn).
Said Ka’ab: O Amirul Mu’minin, no one sits in there except the Prophets, the Siddiqin, the Martyrs, and the leaders who are just.
Said Umar: I am no prophet, but I am a believer (siddiq) in Rasulullah (saw). I am not a just leader, but I hope I am no tyrant either. And regarding a martyr, am I worthy to be mentioned with it?

Said Hasan: Then Allah made Saidina Umar a siddiq and a martyr, who had ruled with justice and fairness.

Iskandar (Zulkarnain) asked the wise among people of Babylon: "Which is more honorable to you, being brave or just?"
Said the wise people: "When we are adorned with justice, there is no need for bravery."

At the times of Umar bin ‘Abdul ‘Aziz, some of his governors sent letters asking for funds to make repairs to infrastructures. He replied:

"I have read and understood your letter. Make repairs to your state, but start by repairing yourself with justice and rid yourself of tyranny. These are the solution to the damage done to your state."

Declared Kisra (of Persia): "There will be no government without an army, there will be no army without wealth, there will be no wealth if there is no kingdom, there will be no kingdom except with people, and there will be no people except when ruled with justice."

Shuraij Ibnu ‘Ubaid said that among the past generations of Bani Israel, when a king went furious there was always an advisor who would hand out notes – piece by piece until his anger recede. The notes would say:

إرحم المسلمين، وخف الموت، واذكر الآ خرة

"Have mercy on your subjects (muslimin), and fear death, and remember the Day of Judgment."

Ustaz Zakaria added:

  • When people appoint you as a leader without you asked for it, you can accept it. There is a chance Allah will help you.
  • Never take side with unjust ruler. But do cooperate if what he wants to do if for the good of all.
  • As stated by people of Babylon, when you are just, people will love you, and you do not need armed escorts around you.
    As Shaykh Ibrahim al-Laqqani had written in Jauharitut Tauhid: It is obligatory to establish a just government. A just government rules by the law of Allah. Unjust government rules from his own ideas.
  • In the early days of Malaysia, pilgrims smuggled home the kitab “Mutiara” by Shaykh ‘Abdul Qadir Mandili from Makkah. They wrapped the kitab in plastic bags and left it in cooked rice inside pots. The kitab had been banned because it prescribes the proper way to govern a country as per Islam teachings. If police found it on board the pilgrim ships, it would be thrown overboard to the sharks.
  • When we see the old shaykhs not being active with political speeches, do not write them off as politically apathetic. They contribute (albeit silently) with their own style, because not everybody is gifted with eloquence.
  • Ustaz Zakaria told us how his madrasah started off in early 1990’s with the help of locals in Sungai Sekamat:
    - Haji Rushdan of Bukit Dukung and friends helped.
    - From donations, were able to buy ¼ acres of land from Cik Sudin; then added another ½ acres.
    - Had to sell back the land due to the Cheras-Kajang highway construction. Cik Sudin bought back at market value.
    - Used the money to buy current place. The construction company contributed RM25k to build current madrasah.

Wallahu a'lam

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