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A Ruler And His Deputy

Munyatul Musolli ( Tatmimul Faa’idah) 8th February 2009

Maimun bin Mahran said that while he was with Umar bin ‘Abdul ‘Aziz (rh), a man who claimed to be the son of Bilal bin Rabah (ra) asked for permission to enter. Said the man:

My father has narrated to me that Rasulullah (saw) had said that a ruler who places a wall that prevents people from seeing him, then Allah will put a wall in front of him during the Judgment Day.

Umar bin ‘Abdul ‘Aziz immediately ordered the doorman home, and nobody ever saw anybody standing by his door afterwards.

Khalid bin ‘Abdullah al-Qushairi said to his bodyguard:

"When I sit, do not stop anybody from entering to see me. Know that a ruler should let everybody see him but three:

1. An unmannered fool who he does not like to be seen with
2. A person who is known as a schemer or of suspect character
3. A tightfisted man who dislike being asked for help."

It is demanded that a ruler appoints a reliable person as a deputy:
  • who can be trusted with his religion
  • whose words can be trusted
  • of impeccable character
  • who has insight into matters of his people
  • who is aware of his responsibilities to fellow creatures of Allah

Stay away from appointing a weak, or person of following flaw into position of power:
  • Who is not ashamed of committing evil
  • Who is of lower social status among his people
  • Who is too reticent or talks too little

If a ruler is a castle, then his deputy is the door. Whoever needs to enter, he will first knock on the door. A deputy is also a mirror that his ruler looks at everyday. What he sees in the mirror reflects himself. If he fails to look at the mirror, then he will not know if his kingdom is good shape or in shambles.

A deputy has to be intelligent, insightful, and honest.

The people of power should be aware of the dangers of injustice (zholim). In al-Quran, Allah has said:

So we put Allah’s curse upon those who do injustice

Think not that Allah is oblivious to the doings of the unjust

We have prepared the Fire that engulf those who commit injustice

Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:

"Whoever denies a muslim his rights, then Allah has promised him the Fire, and refused him the Jannah."
A man then asked:
"O Nabiyyulah, even just a little (of injustice)?
The Prophet (saw) said: Even as little as a piece of your ‘arak (toothbrush stick)."

Ustaz Zakaria said:

Zholim – literally putting something not at its place e.g. you buy a hat and wear it on your feet. Shar’i definition – doing something inappropriate to another person.
If you elect an unjust government, then you have a share being a zholim.

There used to be a man called Tok Wali Padang Kala in Kelantan. Often seen carrying huge tasbih beads and doing zikir. He walked into the state palace and asked for money from the sultan. He was a fake “wali” really, but the sultan was impressed enough to give some pocket money.

Tok Wali Haji Ismail Lundang Paku (rh) was by consensus a wali of Allah, gifted with kasyaf. Studied under Tuan Tabal (rh).

A leader should be of impeccable character, visionary, and should not be swayed away by money.

Wallahu a'lam

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