Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crazy About The Prophet (saw) v2

A careless translation of one of my favorite nashid. The radio used to play it often (many many years ago):

Lo, a new page had been written
in history
in Makkah, the land of bless and holy
as the day manifested utmost dignity
here commenced a beautiful story

The dawn of Monday, at first light
12th of Rabiul Awal, a day so bright
on 20th of April, the year of the elephant
there was born an offspring of heaven

Born to the late Abdullah
and the blessed Aminah
with pure delight
the young mother accept’d
the majestic progeny who shall set mankind right

Muhammad was the given name
name of repute, praise and fame
Allah’s best gift, accept it with pleasure
for he shall grow to nobility beyond measure

Nobility and charisma were his birth rights
along with his appearance you see lights
the world once oppressive, now filled with cheer
all creations stood up to receive their noble heir.

“O Allah, bless our master Muhammad in the night when it darkens, bless our master Muhammad in the day when it brightens, bless our master Muhammad in the next abode and the first, bless our master Muhammad as a pure youth, bless our master Muhammad as a pleasing man of maturity, bless our master Muhammad since he was a child in the cradle and bless our master Muhammad until nothing remains of blessing”
– Dala’il Khayrat by Imam al-Jazuli

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