Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy About The Prophet (saw)

As I look at the half moon
I bathe in its luminous ray
12th Rabi’ul Awwal shall be here soon
and I look forward to his birthday
Sayyidina Muhammad (saw), the best among creations
that Allah ever made from light, flame, or clay

He is the chief of all creatures and mankind,
he is the chief of this world and the next.

Why else in every 2 rak’ahs we pray
respects to him we pay?
Why else in every tashahhud
his noble name we salute?
Why else to his family and to his great grandfather Ibrahim (as)
likewise we pay tribute?

O Allah send salawat to Sayyidina Muhammad and his family and companions as many times as there are Your creations. The creations who make tasbih to You, who glorify You, who prostrate to You, and who acknowledge Your Greatness – since the day You created this world until the day of Resurrection, and for every day you increase the salawat a thousand fold.

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