Friday, April 2, 2010

We All Do Have To Work Don't We?

Dear boss
Pls accept my apology
For not fulfilling my KPI
While going to work everyday with red eyes

Dear boss
I agree you have shown sympathy
For you hired me at quite generous salary
While my performance is at best, paltry

Now boss
When you calculate your ROI
You scratch your head and ask why
This poor fella is so fragile

Dear boss
This world is neither mine nor yours
I despise all these hurdles I have to cross
I work due to need, not greed
Since I’m nowhere near the maqam tajreed

Know it boss,
I desire to achieve the ultimate
Jannatul Firdaus and enter the heavens gates
If you could bear with me please contemplate:

The day after I die
I long to savour an “A+” ROI
That’s why I wake at night and measure up my KPI
To the ways as commanded by Allah al-Hayy

But for now,
all I have to show are red eyes,
confused looks,
a pale face wanting rest,
some half-hearted achievement,
and slow progress .

Wallahu a'lam

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