Friday, April 23, 2010

What's happening at Pondok Batu 10

The wise men used to say:
Seek knowledge from many a teacher,
but seek guidance from only one shaykh.

Saturday: Ustaz Zakaria teaching Wishahul Afrah (fiqh), and Hikam Tok Pulau Manis (tasawwuf).
Sunday: Ustaz Ismail Dungun teaching 'Aqa'id wal Fawa'id by Tuan Guru Haji Daud Bukit Abal.

Lessons are free and open to every body. Check out the latest schedule.

Wallahu a'lam


  1. Insya allah, i will attend ustaz zakaria class on hikam abu madyan this saturday 1 May 2010, 10 am at the pondok madrasah batu 10 cheras. Syukran for the info.

  2. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Ustaz Zakaria is out of town, will be back to teach only on Sunday the next morning.

    And umm, its not Hikam Abu Madyan, its Hikam Ibn Ato'illah, syarah by Tok Pulau Manis.

    Come next week.