Monday, April 27, 2009

Ta’luq of Iradah(RT 28/9 - 2/11/08)

Risalah Tauhid 28th Sept – 2nd Nov 2008

Like qudrah, God’s will (iradah) also holds pertinence only on ‘possible’ subjects.

Say God is about to create Zayd into being. His will with Zayd’s destiny happens in 3 phases:
  1. God determines how long Zayd will live, how he will sustain himself and his family etc.
  2. God affirms the destiny he has in store for Zayd.
  3. God fulfills Zayd’s destiny on the day Zayd is created.
There is a general misconcept that once God has made up his iradah on us, then our life will be beyond our control. We thus become fatalists and refuse to improve our destiny.

Know that in ta’luq matters - for qudrah and iradah - God has written our destiny in Loh Mahfuz, yet there is chance that He will later change them. All these based on our own effort, supplication, and tawakkal. Never sit back and passively accept bad luck. Practice faith correctly, you can still work to increase your wealth, health, and good behavior – as long as you are content with God’s will should things turn out badly.

Remember that ta’luq for both qudrah and iradah are valid only on ‘possible’ subjects. It never transgress the boundaries of haqiqi (ultimate).
(In other lessons, Ustaz Zakaria had said: Qudrah is not applicable to those that negate God’s supreme characteristics. It is impossible that God has the power to create a second God – this would contradict the principle of oneness - wahdaniah.)

Said Ustaz Zakaria:
  • Iradah is the cause to turn a concept into being. While Qudrah empowers it. Iradah is takhsis and qudrah is ta’sir. When we say “the pot is boiling” we actually mean “the content of the pot is boiling”.
  • There is qada and qadr, but Allah Himself asks us to make effort to change our qadr from bad to good. There are 2 types of qada and qadr written on the Loh Mahfuz:
    Mu’alat – destiny that still is subject to change
    Mubram – destiny that is unchangeable.
  • Before you open your store in the morning, don’t forget to recite surah al-Waqi’ah. However, it is Allah’s iradah that you make a good sale or not. Surah al-Waqi’ah does not control your destiny.
  • Mistakes of muslims today:
    - They think religious lessons are exclusively for those interested.
    - They pursue fard kifayah too much while neglecting the all-important fard ‘ain.

Wallahu a'lam
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  1. Salam brother, I was wondering if you're at Ust Fahmi's @ Kemensah when he gave the meanings of Yaseen du'a in that Bekal Akhirat booklet. Did you manage to jot down all of them? If yes, kindly share,my notes are a lil choppy. Thank you.