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Sifats Ma’nawiyyah, Ta'luq (RT 31/8/08)

Risalah Tauhid 31st August 2008

Sifats Ma’nawiyyah
Ma’nawiyyah as a word derives from ‘ma’ani’. It shows the state of God respective to Sifats Ma’ani. Example: God has power (qudrah) therefore the state of Allah at all times is all-powerful (Arabic: kaunuhu qadiran).

  • Qudrah -> Kaunuhu Qadiran
  • Iradah -> Kaunuhu Muridan
  • ‘Ilm -> Kaunuhu ‘Aaliman
  • Hayah -> Kaunuhu Hayyan
  • Sama’ -> Kaunuhu Sami’an
  • Basor -> Kaunuhu Basiran
  • Kalam -> Kaunuhu Mutakalliman
As opposed to Sifats Ma’ani, Sifats Ma’nawiyyah are perceptible only to our intelligence.

Sifats and Ta’luq

All of sifats ma’ani except ‘hayah’ not only stand on their own, but has ta’luq over other subjects. In other words, those sifats have ‘degrees of pertinence’.

For example, God stands on His own with qudrah (power). But with qudrah also God exerts control over everything else. With it God has the power to make everything else into existence.

Inherent with this concept, God’s will (iradah) has ta’luq over every creation. If He wills that a certain subject to be, then it should come into being. In contrast if He wills that the subject not to be, then it would be impossible to be.

Wallahu a'lam

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  1. MashaAllah, the best english rendering of Risalah Tauhid I've read - good job! Ni mesti dapat A1 for 1119 kan?
    Salam warahmatullah.

  2. Far from that E,I think the figure looked more like batang cangkui :)

    These days we have Thesaurus, internet, and all, Allah has made it easier for me.