Thursday, April 30, 2009

Qudrah and Tabarruk

Ustaz Zakaria shared some more stories during last Risalah Tauhid lesson:

Yesterday I was in Kelantan to visit an acquaintance building a masjid. All has been completed except the floor. Trying to see if I could raise more fund to finish it. A person there showed me 3 small stones, all bearing natural marking representing the Arabic character “Lam-Alif”. Such stones don’t have power, but they may bring tabarruk to the owner:

  • They (the enemy) shall NOT see you.
  • They shall NOT argue against you.
  • They shall NOT scheme against you.

This brings a story how after shaving his noble head, Nabi (saw) gave a strand of his hair to each sahabah as tabarruk. Once Khalid al-Walid (ra) remembered a shirt he had dropped in a battlefield contained Nabi’s hair.

He returned to battlefield and fought back just to get that very shirt and the hair in its pocket. This story related in a kitab by Kiyai Sirajuddin bin Abbas (rh), an Indonesian ‘alim who studied under Shaykh Wan Ahmad Fatani (rh).

Regarding effort and do’a:

A few years Cikgu ‘Abdul Rahman, Committee Member (CM) #1, CM #2, and myself started voluntary project to construct a masjid in Kampung Bahagia, Kemboja. Finding it difficult to raise RM200k, eventually CM#1 dropped out, and CM#2 later did the same. Cikgu ‘Abdul Rahman said no way he would back out, him being married to a local woman.

Nothing short of miracle, a generous man lather phoned up and pledged RM50k, and he promised to give more bit by bit. We eventually completed the masjid, and we currently on our 5th project!

Wallahu a'lam

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  1. MashaAllah,what a great discovery, those miraculous stones and what a great achievement indeed to have built so many masjids. That generous man who phoned out of the blue, could he be Khidr? :) By the way, may I request for some help for a masjid in Batam Island? Well at least some pointers on how to raise fund. Many thanks.

  2. So what's going on in Batam?
    As for raising fund, the right technique probably hard work, blessings and faith. But really, I haven't contributed anything worthy...

  3. Salam,
    A masjid is under construction - halfway through i.e. ground floor. They need some 500k to complete the top floor. I have not been there but I was told that there are so few masjids around compared to places of worship of the other faiths. I've got the required documentations to show would-be funders.