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Ta’luq of ‘Ilm (RT 23/11/08)

Risalah Tauhid 23rd Nov 2008

As opposed to qudrah and iradah - that has ta’luq on possible subjects only - God’s knowledge (‘ilm) transcends all must, possible, and impossible subjects. God’s ‘ilm should not be described in 3 phases like we did with ta’luq of iradah, because His knowledge comes in full.

God is aware of every particular subject such as its looks and its characteristics. God already knows how a subject will take shape – even before that subject is even created.

  • God is aware of the ‘must be’. He knows His own self and sifats.
  • God is aware of the ‘impossible’. He knows about something that He would never put into existence.
  • God is aware of the ‘possible’ even if a subject is yet to be created. He is aware of every single thing in existence, and He is aware of the subjects that have ceased to exist.

Know that ta’luq of qudrah follows ta’luq of iradah, which in turn follows ta’luq of ‘ilm.

Said Ustaz Zakaria:
How do we apply the sequence of ta’luq (ta’luq of qudrah comes after that of iradah, after that of ‘ilm)?

Answer: God empowers Himself to create a subject after He wills it. This will comes after He has knowledge about that subject.

Wallahu a'lam

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