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Ta’luq of Kalam; Conclusions (RT 4/1/09)

Risalah Tauhid 4th January 2009

God's Kalam (speech) has ta'luq over all must, impossible, and possible subjects.
Considering the words of God are eternal and everlasting, we apply the 3 subjects as follows:

God's speech that of "must" (wajib) nature:
أَنَا اللهُ لاَ إِلٰهَ إِلاَّ أَنَا

God's speech that of "impossible" (mustahil) nature, reiterating what the Christians falsely claim:
إِنَّ اللهَ ثَالِثُ ثَلاَثَةُ

God's speech that of "possible" (jaiz) nature:
وَاللهُ خَلَقَكُم وَمَا تَعمَلُونَ

Conclusion on Sifats and Their Ta'luq

Ta'luq is pertinence in regard of entity. If we place God as an entity, and every creation as another entity then we can classify ta'luq into 2:

  1. Sifats that have ta'luq on both God and creations: Knowledge ('ilm) and Speech (kalam).
  2. Sifats that have ta'luq on creations only: Power (qudrah) and Will (iradah).
From another angle we classify ta'luq of all the 20 sifats into 4:

  1. Sifats that never has ta'luq whatsoever: all sifats nafsiyyah, salbiyyah, ma'nawiyyah, and sifat Hayah. These sifats are sufficient within themselves.
  2. Sifats that has ta'luq on the possible: Power (qudrah) and Will (iradah).
  3. Sifats having ta'luq over everything that ever exists: Hearing (sama') and Vision (basor).
  4. Sifats having ta'luq over the wajib, mustahil and ja'iz subjects: Knowledge ('ilm) and Speech (kalam).
Said Ustaz Zakaria:

  • I've personally heard a so-called "modern ustaz" saying this: "God has the will and power to create a second god". This is absurd and outside of our aqidah. Will and Power do not have pertinence over God's own self.
  • The most important function of your intelligence ('aql) is to ponder the sifats of God.

Wallahu a'lam

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum,
    Can you give the definition of ta'luq in Bahasa Malaysia. TQ

  2. wa'alaikumussalam.
    = conquest; as in "jajahan takluk". Don't know the equivalent word in English though.