Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hidayatus Salikin Chapter 3 – Regarding Staying away from the Physical Sin

Imam Ghazali (rh) said:
Know that the religion is made up of two parts: First keeping clear of what is forbidden, second being obedient to what is commanded. Staying away from what forbidden is very difficult, but performing obedient duties is not impossible. To leave desires behind is very hard except for the siddiqun and for this the Nabi (saw) said (translated)

A muhajir is a person who leaves evil behind and a sabil on jihad is a person who declares war on desire.

And Imam Ghazali (rh) said further: "Know that you commit sin towards Allah Azzawajalla with all parts of your body, while they are gifts and trust from Allah, as if you ask for Allah’s help to commit sin towards Him. And that is the worst kufr towards Allah because all parts of your body are created to perform obedience towards Him. This is kufr on ni’mah not kufr on religion. What more, Allah entrusted you with your body, then you commit sin with them, so the betrayal (khianah) is the worst kind of sin."

All your body parts are citizens of your kingdom, so watch closely what you do with them. In the day of Judgement you will be taken into account, and there is no lying or hiding because your limbs will take witness with your past actions clearly, even if that day you hold your tongue from talking. Allah says (translated):

The day that we seal shut their mouth while their hands speak and their legs bear witness with sins they committed.

And Allah says more (translated):

On the day when their tongue, their hands, and their legs become witness with whatever they did.

Therefore it is appropriate that you safeguard all your body especially the seven parts: eyes, ears, tongue, private part, stomach, hands, and legs.
Hell has seven doors and you will not enter from any of them until you commit sin with any of your seven bodily parts.

Wallahu a'lam

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