Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not for the glory of it

Trying to keep awake…the least I could do is translate something.
almost 30 years A Romzi and Ramli Sarip
sang this
, I *think*I begin to get the message.

Chase not after sweet words
For it can put you to ruins
Chase not after lovely face
For it is a poison to you

Listen o friends
Listen along
I write not for the glory
But for the love
I have for fellow mankind
And to let your love be known

We on equal footing, we on common quest
What set us apart, merely world and its glitter

Listen not to the poems of deceit
For all they do is destroy your soul
Do listen to the poems of tradition
Handed down for generations today

Taint not your heart
Even with a blot of darkness
For it is like termites
Sooner or later they bring your downfall

Wallahu a'lam

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