Monday, April 13, 2009

Donate To the Madrasah

Help little Mustaqim and his friends with their Islamic studies, and you will be rewarded as per Allah’s promises in the Qur’an and hadith.

Your donations will be used to pay for :
  • Food
  • Textbooks
  • General maintenance of the madrasah
  • Building other madrasah / masjid / other projects for the cause of Allah

Donations are LHDN income-tax deductible. Upon your request , we can produce MOF-approved receipt to help you with income-tax filings. Donate to Madrasah Diniah Ahmadiah either as zakat or sadaqah. Or as a payment for your kifarat or fidyah.

-> You can leave some $$$ into the madrasah safe box.

-> You can also email pondokbatu10 (at), or contact the principal Ustaz Zakaria Awang at 013-6331347.

-> You can inquire by leaving comment on this blog (click comments below and leave your name/email/phone number).

Wallahu a'lam


  1. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,
    Thanks for the info. I like Mustaqim's photo very much! Can I ask, did u go to Ben's on sunday, I heard from Dr A (K.Ina's aunt) that there was going to be a session by one of the ulamaks who were present at the Mawlid @ Masjid Negara. Do you know who? Did u go? Thanks.

  2. waalaikumussalam warahmatullah.
    :) You gonna like Mustaqim even more if you see him in person.
    Yes the session at Ben's was more than superb. Dr Ahmed Omar Hashem (former president of al-Azhar) gave a short but mashaAllah very beneficial talk on virtues of majlis
    ilmu, salawat and istighfar. I wrote it down on my notebook, but not sure if it would ever got published in ths blog...being *busy* (or lazy?) and all.
    Ustz Fahmi sort of moderated the majlis.
    It was excellent 1000x. Maybe next time?

  3. Salam,
    'It was excellent 1000x' you said, well that heighten my loss 1000x too. Next time, InshaAllah. Anyways, great that you share the boys' photo - lovely sweethearts they are!

  4. Salam,
    I'm looking for someone who can guide me to clean up my heart from past sins and improve my knowledge on Islam...been to this place before some time Jan 2010 during weekend but seems like there was no class..please enlighten me further...

  5. Waalaikumussalam. Sometimes a class got cancelled at the last minute. Don't give up. Part of mujahadah :)

  6. Assalamualaikum. I am from Gombak. I would like to know about this tareqah further before i decide to join it. Whom shall i meet to give me some enlightenment on several issues pertaining to this tareqah? The issues of yaqazah and selawat azimiah are the main issues that I would require clarifications before i am convince about this tareqah. Your assistance is very much appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Wa'alaikumussalam,
    Do you need to confirm validity of ALL tariqah or Ahmadiah only? There're many info (and debates) on the internet already, I'm sure you have read most of them.

    You are welcome to seek knowledge at the pondok without joining any tariqah. Nobody would pressure you to join. Ustaz Zakaria could explain things to you. Traditional islam emphasizes a lot on educating instead of dictating.

    Someone said: the mat is better than the web!

    You're welcome to sit on the mat with us. If you really need to, email me at pondokbatu10 (at)