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Perfect Solah – Prostrate, Sit (MM 13/7/08)

Munyatul Musolli 13th July 2008

Perfection of Solah – Prostrating, Sitting (MM 13/7/08)

Elaborating on points for perfection of solah:

11th point – Prostrating

When prostrating (sujud), ensure that:

  1. Both hands are on the floor and level with the shoulders.
  2. For men only, break away the arms from the upper body. Leave some space in between. Place the palm of the hand on the floor downwards.
  3. Do toma’ninah and recite the tasbih in awe and glory of Allah.

12th point – Sitting

While sitting (between sujuds or for tasyahhud), make sure:

  1. You sit on the left foot. For non-final tasyahhud, the right foot is planted upright. For final tasyahhud, slip the left foot under the right.
  2. Say the tasyahhud in full awe and glory of Allah. Send salutation (salawat) to Nabi Muhammad (saw), his family and his companions in full.
  3. Make du’a to well-being of yourself and all the faithful muslims.

(End of 12 points of perfection for solah).

Giving Salam

When giving salam (to conclude solah), observe the following three:

  1. You say the salam in full.
  2. You accompany it with the right intention (to conclude the solah).
  3. You send the salam first to the “crowd” on your right, and second to the crowd on your left while turning your cheek in either direction. The “crowd” here refers to angels, faithful jinns, and fellow faithful humans who congregate together with you.


We have to be sincere (ikhlas) in doing solah, and we prove that in three ways:

  1. Pray solely for Allah’s pleasure instead of to satisfy other people’s demand.
  2. Witness that everything made easy to us is by the grace of Allah (taufiq). Some muslims know that solah is obligatory, yet they have difficulty to perform it.
  3. Safeguard our sincerity until we don’t see ourselves performing the solah, but see only the solah itself.

It should be appropriate that the person about to perform solah is aware of his intention. Further he should be thankful that Allah made this activity easy for him.

Truly in a solah there are various virtues in inside bodily movements and remembrance to Allah.

Ustaz Zakaria said:

  • If you see people perform solah wrongly, point it out to him in a civilized manner lest he becomes angry with you – Adab (manners) brings barakah (blessings).
  • The proper method to stoop for sujud: Knee first on the floor, then both hands, then your head. For people of Maliki mazhab and some of the Sufis (including Hj Daud Bukit Abal): Hands, then knee, then head. Never place your head first! (joke).
  • When saying the salam, make sure you begin with “As…” as in “Assalamu ‘alaikum warahmatullah”. Leaving out “As” would nullify the solah.
  • Sayyidina Ali (rh) once mentioned the high status of a syaikh over his students. Once a syaikh teaches one word to his student, already he (the syaikh) owns the rights to sell off this student as a slave.
  • Without sincerity, the best of deed could stray away and become a liability.
  • A wealthy companion – ‘Abdul Rahman bin ‘Auf (rh) – once missed a solah in congregation. He was so upset that he gave away all his profit (from business that delayed him from joining the congregation) in charity. Still the Prophet (saw) said the charity given could not make up the reward lost for his delay.
  • Don’t boast with yourself once done solah, it is all a taufiq from Allah.
  • Some (if not all) movement, zikr, and du’a are more accepted inside solah than the same recited outside of solah.

Wallahu a’lam.

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