Friday, July 11, 2008

Regret and Repent (TA 29/6/08)

Tajul ‘Arus 29th June 2008

There is no benefit in facing Allah unless you face him while debasing and criticizing your self (nafs). And there is no point in criticizing your self while you still laugh and cheer after committing a sin.

Try very hard to show your misery and disgrace for every sin committed. Make it look like somebody who has lost his most beloved child. Know that for displaying such a misery, Allah will substitute for you with merriment and joy. And for displaying such disgrace, a subsitute of honor and nobility. And for every gloom, a substitute of light (nur). For every curtain you drape over your sin, Allah will pull away one curtain from curtains of the later world (Aakhirah) or curtains of the present world (Dunya).

There is a story from Syaikh Mukinuddin al-Asmari (rh), one of the 7 wali abdaals:

In the beginning, I made a living being tailor. Everyday I took note of the
words I said from daybreak to night. From what little I gathered, I discerned if
there was anything decent. If there was, then I praised Allah and thanked Him.
If there was any word not worthy of saying, then I repented to Allah and asked forgiveness from Him.

That was the syaikh's business every single day. God's pleasure with him.

Ustaz Zakaria added:

  • We do taubah even during wudhu'. Once the heart is cleansed, then we go perform solah.
  • Some farmers have improvised ways to make herbicide kill away weed. Mixture of Gramoxone + Ajinomoto (MSG) penetrate to the roots. Same thing with rememberance (zikr) to Allah that can soften our heart, all the way to the tiniest vein.
  • Ulama of old wary of not attending religious lesson 40 days in a row. This would harden the heart. Even the knowledgable ones ought to go and teach, so that he wouldn't lose the 'ilm.
  • Syaikh 'Abdul Wahab Sha'rani: Loud zikir while moving the body like done by the sufis are permissible.
  • If you feel miserable by sin you committed, Allah will replace your misery with 'warid' (sort of enlightenment). Frequent presence of warid makes your heart softer.
  • A Wali Abdal is a higher ranked wali (friend of Allah). In tasawwuf classification, his self is at least at 'nafs mutmainnah'.
  • Haji Lah (Lubuk Tapah?) informed Ustaz Zakaria that Imam Syafi'i was one of walid autads. This statement also printed in the kitab of Haji Abdul Rahman Tasauf. Nabi Khidir (as) said so.
  • Haji Daud Bukit Abal gave permission to Ustaz Zakaria in early 70's to conduct majlis zikir majzub. Tariqah Ahmadiyyah Idrisiyyah; First conducted at Pondok Amir, Besut, Terengganu on Wednesday night. Haji Hussin (the mudir of the pondok) usually went out to teach at night.
  • Ustaz Zakaria first taught in Cheras Selangor in 1990. First lesson at his rented house in Sg Sekamat, Batu 12. Then collected donation and purchased 1/4 acres to make site for a madrasah. Later more donation poured in, and able to purchase additional 1/2 acres. The total 3/4 acres had to be sold back (at higher value) due to unsuitable location. The proceed was then used to pay for the current location in Batu 10.
  • Think first before you speak. Spoken words could be harmful.

Wallahu a'lam


  1. Assalamu alaykum

    What a lovely blog you have! I will be sure to pass by every day!

    Keep up the good work!

    Was salaam

  2. Wa alaikumussalam,

    Thanks for stopping by. May we all benefit from ulamas of old, who wrote not for worldly reward.

    Jazakallahu khair.

  3. Salam, this posting must have come from your deepest heart for it has fallen into my heart. Thank you! Just that I wish you could introduce stories from the other 6 wali abdaals too (jika ada), at least their names. Gosh I don't even know their names :(
    Pray - "...for every gloom, a substitute of light (nur)".

  4. This is part of kitab Tajul 'Arus Ibn 'Athoillah. Translated to Malay by Sh. Usman Pontianak (Kalimantan).