Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tajul ‘Arus Introduction ( TA 4/5/08)

Tajul ‘Arus - Introduction 4th May 2008

Syaikh Usman al-Funtiani wrote humbly at the front page of this kitab:

This is the book (kitab) Tajul ‘Arus which means ‘A Crown for The Groom’ that I,
Syaikh ‘Usman al-Funtiani bin Haji Shihabuddin al-Banjari have translated.
Destitute and weak I am, I hope that the dear readers who spot my errors could
please correct me since the original copy did not carry commentary nor footnote.
This is a book written originally by Syaikh Tajuddin Ibn ‘Atoillah
as-Sakandari. I have replaced the Arabic words with their Malay equivalent. I
have duly verified the texts with my teacher Syaikh ‘Abdul Qadir bin ‘Abdul
Rahman al-Fatoni. Should there be errors or weakness be it known those are from
my deficiencies. Truly I lack in knowledge, but know that servants of Allah are
no stranger to mistakes and poor memory.

Syaikh Usman wrote further as a preface to this book:

In the name of Allah the merciful that I begin translating this book. All praise to Allah the Master of the worlds. May Allah pour mercy and peace to our Prophet Nabi Muhammad and to all his family and companions.

This is a kitab known as Tajul ‘Arus that covers the method to cleanse the self (nafs). Written by the Syaikh and Imam, who is a junction of two branches of knowledge: jurisprudence and truth (syari’ah and haqiqah). He is Tajuddin Abu al-‘Abbas Ahmad bin ‘Atoillah from the land of Sekandar (Iskandariah), may Allah grant him His mercy and place him within His Paradise. And may Allah pour His blessings to us and all muslims,and may Allah pour His mercy and peace upon our leader Nabi Muhammad and hiscompanions. Amin.

Said Ustaz Zakaria:

  • Syaikh Usman was a mufti in Pontianak, Kalimantan during his time. He had studied in Makkah and Kelantan.

  • Syaikh ‘Atoillah as Sakandari was of Maliki Mazhab, of Syaziliah tariqah. He studied under Syaikh Abu ‘Abbas al-Mursi, who studied under Imam Hassan As-Syazili himself.

  • Allah is the administrator of the worlds.

  • Don’t become like a person walking in a pitch-black night. He carries a flashlight, he can see other people walking by. But he never sees himself.

  • We learn tasawwuf so that we can take care of ourselves, not to (unnecessarily) busy ourselves with other people’s business.

  • ‘Ilm Haqiqah is something we can never learn, we receive it direct from God (zauqi).

Wallahu a'lam

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