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Perfect Solah – Takbir,Stand,Recite,Bow (MM 6/7/08)

Munyatul Musolli 6th July 2008

Elaborating on points for perfection of solah:

7th point – Takbir
Execution of Takbir should be perfected in 3 steps:

  1. Declare the takbir "Allahu-Akbar" in a definitive and firm voice.
  2. Raise both hands level with the ears. The palms should be open facing forward.
  3. Make your heart in full presence and awe of God.

8th point – Standing Up
An able bodied person should stand up while doing solah:
  1. Focus your sight at the spot you put your forehead on during prostration.
  2. Be mindful that Allah is looking. Don’t make unnecessary movement.
  3. Do not look right or left.

9th point – Recitation
When reciting (Quran, takbir etc.) in solah:
  1. Recite correctly and properly. Make it as flawless as possible.
  2. Engage yourself in the meaning and message of the words recited.
  3. Outside of solah, put into practice whatever you recited.

10th point – Bowing
When bowing down (ruku’):
  1. Level your back and neck. Do not raise or lower your head.
  2. Support yourself with both hands at your knees. Spread your fingers on the kneecap.
  3. Pause a while (toma’ninah). Recite the tasbih in awe and devotion of Allah.

Said Ustaz Zakaria:

  • For takbir, say "Allahu-Akbar", not "Allahu-Akbara" or "Allahu-Akbaru" or "Allahu-Akbari".

  • State the intention (niat) between "Al……bar" of the takbir.

  • Lower the hands and clasp the right over the left wrist. Choose between two:
    i. Lower hands halfway down, then place right over left a little bit to the left of your navel. (As advised by most of Fiqh jurists).
    ii. Lower forearms all the way down, then bring them back up and place right over left exactly on the navel. (As done by Imam al-Ghazali and other Sufis).

  • Feel the presence of Allah during solah. At least make aware that He sees your actions. This is called "muraqobah".

  • Recite correctly and properly since flaw in some could nullify your solah (e.g. reciting surah al-Fatihah is obligatory). Those before our time, they checked their recitation with qualified syaikhs).

  • Toma’ninah is often overlooked by people. In solah there are 4 points you are obligated to do it (ruku’, itidal, the 2 sujuds, sitting between sujuds). Here you should cease ALL movements at least long enough to say "Subhanallah".

  • In Friday congregational solah, the person giving sermon (khatib) should remember to do toma’ninah between the two speeches. He is obligated to sit still, refrain from making unnecessary movement (Verify this in kitab ‘Kifayatul-Muhtadi’ by Sheikh Ismail Daud Fatoni. These days, ignorant khatibs sit between speeches and flip sermon texts. This nullifies the Friday solah upon everybody in the masjid. Tips for us common folks – do not look at khatibs lest they fail to observe toma’ninah. If you see somebody breaking rules, then you cannot continue following him!

Wallahu a’lam.

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