Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Be a Sufi, You Need a Poem :)

This poem has been lying around for a while, and today the bulb lights up suddenly. So here’s the translation (+ some editing here and there to make words rhyme).

Tariqah Sufiyyah

Tariqah is but a road
For a servant to seek God
Where to seek, you reckon?
A good “mursyid” is the beacon

Tariqah sufiyyah is full of thorns,
But soon you’ll whiff a barrel full of cologne
Reaching for the goal, oh so difficult
One slip, you cut your own throat

Tariqah and Tasawwuf food for the soul
Legacy from the Prophet, whom we all follow
“Bid’ah”, outdated you say?
InsyaAllah they're here to stay!

The way of the Salaf on basis of Syari’ah
Start your journey on the path of Haqiqah
Traversing the land treading the Tariqah
Sailing the ark in ocean of Ma’rifah

A true tariqah guides to sincerity
So seek knowledge, perform deeds attentively
Remember all these before your last breath
You’ll find it handy in the days after death!

The original poem composed by somebody else(I don’t know who). It was distributed on the day honoring Syaikh Wan Mohd Shaghir Wan Abdullah (rh) on 17th May 2008.

Wallahu a'lam

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