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Khusyu' in Solah (MM 27/4/08)

Muniatul Musolli 27 Apr 2008

There is a hadith regarding being prudent with solah:

A person who takes care of his solah, and pays attention to the rukuns, the solah will ascend from him radiating and shining. And it will say to him: “Allah has taken care of you just like you have taken care of me.”
Another person who takes his solah lightly, the solah will ascend from him all dark and gloomy and will say: “Allah has disregarded you just like you disregarded me.” And the solah will be rolled up just like piece of rags, then smacked to his face.

It also said in a hadith that in a solah, the bodily movement and limbs have to be steady. One has to always be in focus and humble. Once Nabi Muhammad (saw) noticed a sahabah (companion) stroking his beard in solah. So Nabi (saw) said to another companion:

If that man is focused in his solah, his limbs should be focused as well.

So focus (khusyu’) is a perfection of solah.

It has been relayed to us that some of the sahabahs were so engrossed in their solah that passing birds perched on their person. This was because they stood firmly, they bowed and prostrated lengthily that birds thought they were fenceposts.

Another story related to us that some companion of the Prophet (saw) would said to his wife and little children:

Once I start doing my solah, talk and yell as you want because I wouldn’t be bothered (by anything else).

Another of the Prophet’s (saw) companion performed solah in his date orchard. A bird flew from a tree to another, and he started looking in fascination. Later he became conscious of his carelessness and he became very upset, so he gave away that orchard in charity.

Those were the habit of salafussoleh (the excellent generation of early Islamic era) who were awed by the greatness of solah. Indeed the status of solah is very high by Allah and His prophet (saw).

Remarked Ustaz Zakaria:

  • Khusyu’ does not come by itself. We have to work for it by way of daily ‘wirid’ and ‘ratib’ (rememberance of Allah) .
  • Khusyu’ is in the heart, and a hardened heart will not achieve khusyu’. We scrape away the plague of the heart with special wirids. These are tariqah wirids that have established silsilah.

Today Ustaz Zakaria also handed down special wirid to fight off disease and sickness. This wirid is to be recited daily.

Wallahu a'lam

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