Monday, April 14, 2008

Pondok Hj Salleh Sik 11 Apr 2008

Overwhelming turnout at Haji Salleh's lesson. Can't say people don't go to traditional lessons anymore can we? People overflowed the prayer hall. They were sitting under the pondoks, rambutan trees, in the stalls... Mothers fanning their babies under the shade... The olds with their "jawi" kitabs while the young ones with the "rumi" version.

The syaikh read 2 kitabs: Tafsir Nurul Ihsan and Aqidatun-Najin (Tauhid).

Kitab Tafsir Nurul Ihsan

During the Day of Judgement, there'll be a group called 'Ashabul-A'raf'. They're sitting at this place where they can see people in Paradise (Ashabul-Jannah) as well as the people in Hell (Ashabun-Naar). They look at those in Paradise, and see their faces glowing with delight. Then they turn to look at those in Hell, whose faces are dark with sorrow.

They are prevented from entering Jannah, yet they are not in Naar. Only after some time Allah says 'GO', and they are admitted into Jannah with his mercy.

Ulama of old differed on who 'Ashabul-A'raf' are. The more established opinion is that these are the people who committed virtue and vice in the same ratio in their lifetime. They did both good and bad.

Kitab Aqidatun-Najin

One of the twenty sifats God has is 'hayyat' - which is 'alive'. This is important for us to establish since without it, the other sifats ma'ani (sama', basor etc) would not be of any impact.

Kitab Bahrul-Mazi

Syaikh Haji Salleh's son Mohammad Muslim gave the commentary (syarah). It is a common neglect these days to follow guidelines in choosing a husband/wife. Among the advise given by ulama as concluded in this kitab:

  • Choose the one without physical defects.
  • Choose the one who belong to the same ethnic group to reduce chance for cultural conflicts.
  • A person who obeys Allah is not compatible with a person who is defiant.
  • Choose the one within the same profession. Examples: Family of someone who sweeps the street is not compatible with family of a tailor. A tailor is not compatible with a businessperson, a businessperson is not compatible with a religious scholar.
  • Wealth does not count as a factor because people with knowledge tend to not show off their wealth.
Mentioning the above criteria would invite controversy these days, but they would serve as a guide for most people.

Wallahu a'lam


  1. I believe faiz deserved to be at another pondok rather than that one in kok lanas. The way i observed it, it wasn't healthy for him. no clear and good hygiene and close environment prone to dengue.

    I believe pondok in ketereh, or kuala krai is much better. thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I understand. I'd thought you say better he get different kind of education. thanks.

  3. heh... never cross my mind. I've seen many things which you can't explain by science books. such things only can be cured through Al-Quran. I've seen God (methaphoricly speaking), and I've seen the devils with my own eyes. We need these guys (Pondok student) to keep check and balance between the Good and Evil.

    Perhaps one day we'll go for a drink together. Only God's man understand what I'm rambling about. What I've learned so far from life, there is never a coincidence, but only God's write up about life. You know what I mean. Cheers