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Sunnah Hi'ah (MM 6/4/08)

Munyatul Musolli 6 April 2008

Continuing with sunnah hi'ahs in solah:

16. It is sunnah to say the tasbih "Subhana-robbiyal-'Azimi-wabihamdih" 3x in ruku'. For a munfarid (someone who prays alone), there is a lengthier tasbih that he can add further.

17. It is sunnah to say "Subhana-robbiyal-A'la-wabihamdih" 3x in each sujud.

18. It is sunnah to say "Sami-'Allahu-liman-hamidah" when raising the head from ruku' to return to standing position. When in proper standing (i'tidal), it is further sunnah to say "Rabbana-lakal-hamd". Again there's a lengthier optional do'a for a munfarid.

19. It is sunnah to recite the do'a qunut during i'tidal. Do'a qunut is recited for the following solahs:

  • Second raka'at of every subuh.
  • Second rakaat of witir done in the second half of Ramadan.
  • In cases of affliction or calamity to the muslim community, qunut can be recited in the last raka'at of every obligatory (the 5 daily) solahs.
20. It is sunnah to say "Rabbighfirli-warhamni-wajburni-warzuqni-wahdini-wa'afini-wa'fu'anni" in sitting between the 2 sujuds.

21. It is sunnah to recite a do'a after the final tasyahhud and salawat.

22. It is sunnah to sit in the 'tawarruk' position during the final tasyahhud.

23. It is sunnah to sit in the 'istirahah iftirasy' position during non-final tasyahhuds or sitting between 2 sujuds.

24. For all tasyahhuds, it is sunnah to place each hand on respective knee (right-on-right and likewise). The fingers should be aligned with each knee-cap. Furthermore:
  • The right palm should be clenched with 3 last fingers curled downwards. The index finger is rested forward while the thumb rests beside the index.
  • The index finger is raised to be level when tasyahhud recitation comes to "...illallah" (as in "Asyhadu-alla-ilaha-illallah"). Do not move it further and keep it leveled until completing the tasyahhud.
25. It is sunnah to look at place of sujud at all times in solah and maintain khusyu'. Furthermore:
  • Be mindful of all activities in solah
  • Do not perform unnecessary bodily movement
  • Tadabbur - pay attention to -and understand - all recitations.
Said Ustaz Zakaria: Look at place of sujud at all times, but some ulamas recommend these instead:
  • During ruku', look at your legs.
  • During sitting between sujuds, look at your knees.
26. It is sunnah to be prudent when it comes to solah. Also, do not busy oneself with worldly matters.

27. It is sunnah to picture the greatness of Allah Ta'ala while performing solah.

Keep it in yourself that a solah without without khusyu' and khudu' (concentration and humbleness) will not be of any benefit. Instead it invites Allah's wrath.

Wallahu a'lam

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