Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sifats Mustahil (RT 13/4/08)

Risalah Tauhid 13 Apr 2008

Continuing with sifats mustahil for God:

11. Somam

Means deaf. The notion that God is deaf, or unable to hear certain things is rejected.

12. ‘Amma
Means blind. This is rejected. Allah is all-seing.

Means mute. This is also rejected because God speaks. He speaks without words, voice, or tongue.

14. Kaunuhu-‘Aajizan
Means his condition is ‘weak’. This is totally untrue as explained under ‘’Ajzun’. From now, we reiterate the previous sifats under different perspective - ‘Kaunuhu’ which means ‘his condition’.

15. Kaunuhu-Kaarihan
Means his condition that is ‘without will’ or ‘forced’. This has been rejected as described in ‘Karahiyyah’.

16. Kaunuhu-Jaahilan
Means his condition is ‘without knowledge’. This is totally untrue.

17. Kaunuhu-Maiyyitan
Means his condition is ‘dead’. This is also untrue.

18. Kaunuhu-‘Asomma
Means his condition is ‘deaf’. This is also totally untrue.

19. Kaunuhu-A’ma
Means his condition is ‘blind’. This is also totally untrue.

20. Kaunuhu-Abkam
Means his condition is ‘mute’. This is also totally untrue. God speaks and has speech (Al-Kalam).

Up to this point, we've explained the 'MUST HAVE' and 'NEVER HAVE' sifats of God. Next is the 'MAY HAVE' sifat.

The ‘POSSIBLE’ sifat of Allah Ta’ala

There is only one such sifat under this category – Sifat Harus. He is under no obligation to ‘do’ something or ‘not do’ it. Indeed Allah Ta’ala is the supreme ruler of his dominion. It is up to Him to make something good or bad. Even something bad has a justice side to it, as we understand from what He says in the Qur’an surah Fussilat ayat 46:

And your God (O’ Muhammad) is never a tyrant to his servants.

This means those who have not sinned will not be punished.

Added Ustaz Zakaria: If we start to label certain affliction as 'bad', that means we accuse God as being incompetent. And we ask Allah's protection from making such accusation.

Wallahu a'lam

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