Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Maulud in Jenderam 29 March 08

Saturday night Yayasan Jenderami http://www.aljenderami.com.my held a maulud gathering.It was full house, people were praying outside. Masya Allah tabarakallah.

Not many places left in Malaysia where people cannot fit into the masjid to pray Maghrib and Isya’.

Maulid Simthudduror and few other qasidahs were recited. Then notable syaikhs gave speech until like 11pm:

  • Syaikh Abdul Aziz al-Kelantani urged muslimin and muslimah to get in the habit to ask forgivenes from friends and people they know. We make mistakes and offend people without knowing it.
  • Syaikh Afifuddin Al-Jailani made excellent point that we all need to cleanse our heart. One way to do that is by having Rasulullah (saw) close in our hearts – not simply showing it with words.
  • Syaikh Habib Hassan Al-Attas from Singapore mentioned that once he arrived in vicinity of this zawiyah (Jenderam), he felt a strong sakinah descending. He reminded the congregation that Prophet Muhammad (saw) is sent to mankind to show good behavior. Many a cases where the unbelievers embraced Islam solely due to akhlaq of the Prophet (saw).
Wallahu a'lam


  1. Alhamdulillah, I too attended another Maulid at Johor, it was very "enlightening"

  2. insyaAllah presence of the unseen made it so.

  3. salam.
    i missed this event.
    but did catch some glimpse of the event they recorded on DVD.

    bi barokatillah insyaAllah.

  4. waalaikumussalam dyat.

    Allah has different plan for different people.

  5. i really missed maulud in jenderam. i wish i can find one in toronto or anywhere else in Canada or America perhaps