Monday, March 31, 2008

Sifats 14-20 (RT 24/2/08)

Risalah Tauhid 24 Feb 2008

The next 7 sifats are associated to the previously discussed sifats. According to ulama, there's a need to reiterate them to impress the point:

14. Kaunuhu Qadiran
God is powerful. While previously discussed "Al-Qudrah" described God's power, "Kaunuhu Qadiran" states that God is indeed all-powerful.

15. Kaunuhu Muridan
God wishes. His wish and will have been described in "Al-Iradah".

16. Kaunuhu 'Aliman
God knows. His knowledge has been described in "Al-'Ilm".

17. Kaunuhu Hayyan
God is alive. Definition of his life has been described in "Al-Hayat".

18. Kaunuhu Sami'an
God hears and listens. His hearing has been described in "As-Sami'".

19. Kaunuhu Basiran
God sees and looks. His vision has been described in "Al-Basor".

20. Kaunuhu Mutakalliman
God speaks. His speech has been described in "Al-Kalam".

Said Ustaz Zakaria: There are many techniques in learning. Sometimes after you go home from lessons, you need to ponder and do revisions. Then it will come to you.

Wallahu a'lam

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