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Sifats 12-13 (RT 10/2/08)

Risalah Tauhid 10 Feb 2008

12. Al-Basor

Means God sees without eyes. His seeing is eternal and not affected by time whether the object has been, still is, or will exist only in the future. His vision is not reduced by object brightness, distance, or size.

God is able to see:

  • Objects that are visible or invisible (to human eyes).
  • Objects that are far and near.
  • In light or dark.
  • Objects that are exposed or hidden.

When we believe that God is all-seeing, then we submit to His commands. We will do as He orders and will stay away from those he forbids. We will not even steal when people are not around.

13. Al-Kalam

God speaks without mouth or voice as creatures do.

This is an eternal sifat that shows the "wajib-aqli" (must) such as what He says in Al-Quran:

I am God, and there’s no God but I

And He also says a verse to show the "mustahil-aqli" (impossible):

…(as the Christians erroneously say) verily God is the third of the three.

Next he also mentions the "jaiz-aqli" (possible):

And God created all of you and those that you do.

So it seems that the sifat “Al-Kalam” is singular, but in fact is multiple if we view it from the perspective of what being said:

  • Commands (Amar) e.g. to fast in Ramadan.
  • Prohibitions (Nahyu) e.g. gambling is forbidden.
  • Information (Khabar) e.g. stories of the Pharaoh (Fir’aun).
  • Assurance (Wa’d) e.g. Paradise (Jannah) for those perform good deeds.
  • Intimidation (Wa’id) e.g. torture (Hellfire) for the defiants.

Wallahu a'lam

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