Friday, March 7, 2008

Risalah Tauhid July 2007

This kitab was written in November 1952 by Syaikhs Abdul Ghani bin Yahya and Omar Yusuf. Actually this risalah is an enhancement of another document by Haji Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman, the Head of Johor State Islamic Department - written in 1907, then added "syarahs" in 1926. Haji Abdullah originally translated this risalah from Arabic - the version being used for Egypt schools that time.

This kitab is an introduction to the subject of "Tauhid" or "Usuluddin". Talks mainly about the characteristics of Allah and Nabi Muhammad (saw). Of course it is an infinity to talk about who/what/how Allah is, but at least we should know 20 of them. That's what we mean by "The 20 sifats".

I'll try to refrain from saying too much due to its sensitive nature. Allah help me!
Said the syaikhs:


I start this risalah in the name of God the Beneficient, the Merciful towards his faithful servants in the Hereafter.

All praise to Allah, the God of the worlds. And mercy and peace upon our Nabi Muhammad (saw) the chief among the Messengers of God, and the seal of them. And mercy and peace upon his family and descendants and companions.

Wallahu a'lam

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