Monday, March 17, 2008

Sifats 3-6 (RT 28/10/07)

Risalah Tauhid 28 Oct 2007

I missed many lessons since last note of 9 Sept. Simply transliterating from the kitab:

3. Al-Baqa'
Means God has no end. He has been and will always be. Some other things (like heaven, hell, ruh) also have no end, but they were created so they don't fall under baqa'.

Beings fall under 3 categories:

  • The one that had no beginning and will have no end - which is God.
  • Those that with beginning but without end - e.g heaven, hell, ruh.
  • Those that begin and end - God's creation other than the above.
4. Mukhalafatahu Ta'ala lil Hawadith
God is different from anything created. He does not bear resemblance to anything be it in identity or attribute. He is not composed of flesh and bones or plants or mineral. When He does something, he does not need equipment like people do.

When there are quranic ayat or ahadith mentioning the "face" or "hand" of Allah, we should not think of Allah as having round or square face like men do. Nor should we imagine Allah's hand as muscular or soft. Only Allah know how his face or hand is. This is the position of the sahabahs, tabi'in, and tabi' tabi'in.

5. Qiyamuhu Ta'ala biNafsih
God stands on his own. He doesn't need a creator to create Him. He doesn't need a place to support a body.
He imposes rules on us for our own benefit, not for His. God is not affected regardless of us worshipping Him or defying Him.

6. Al-Wahdaniah
Means singular or one in being, attribute, or doing. God is not composed of multiple components. Nor is he a cluster of multiple identities.

Wallahu a'lam

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