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Humility in Solah (MM 30/12/07)

Munyatul Musolli 30 Dec 2007

Solah starts by facing towards Allah in all humility, and submit to him, and feel inferior, and khudu’ and khusyu’, and feel excited, and eager to meet Him.

Each position in solah has its meaning:

  1. Standing -> humility
  2. Takbir -> submission
  3. Recitation -> inferior
  4. Ruku’ (bow) -> khudu’
  5. Sujud (prostrate) -> khusyu’
  6. Julus (Sitting between 2 sujuds)-> excited
  7. Tasyahud (final sitting) -> eager/expecting

One should present oneself in full expectance to be showered with mercy and gentleness. And present oneself to be accepted.

During solah:

  • One faces Allah, and Allah faces him
  • One’s heart is opened, and Allah put out his misery
  • The heart is cleansed of every attachment save Allah
The “Arifins” achieve personal satisfaction from solah, but they have different levels of satisfaction based on their rank with Allah.

Said Ustaz Zakaria: The “Arifins” or “Arif billahs” are people who know Allah more than us laymen know Him. They have “tasted” Allah – zauq.

Then the Syaikh mentions the famous hadith about the 5 rivers in which a person wahes himself. The 5 daily solahs washes all sins (except major ones).

Said Ustaz Zakaria: The sin is washed away only if the solah is done in the proper way.

Wallahu a'lam

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