Monday, March 10, 2008

Intelligence & Common Sense (RT 8/7/07)

Risalah Tauhid 8 July 2007

Ruling by Intelligence
Before learning to know Allah and His sifats (characteristics), one has to know the rules regarding intelligence (hukum ‘aqal), because it is the basis to reason Allah and His characteristics.

Defining Ruling by Intelligence
It is the ability to distinguish something from another, voluntarily. This ability comes from personal common sense, not dictated by custom, nor a set of law or regulations.

Defining Intelligence

It is an attribute given by God that separates man from beast. Beasts have brain, but not intelligence. Through intelligence we receive “ilm Nazariah” (knowledge achieved from thinking). From this knowledge, mankind is able to perform difficult tasks, and from this knowledge mankind get various benefit.

If we leave intelligence by itself (without divine guidance) we will never achieve rationality, stability, and wisdom. Syari’i rules- divine rules and guidance as set by Allah - is always required to tag along with intelligence. Likewise, syari’i rules cannot be enforced without any consideration with regard to intelligence. The syari'i rules cannot be enforced unintelligently, by a person without intelligence, or unto a person who does not possess intelligence.

Intelligence and syari’i can never be separated, one always in need of the other, vice-versa.

Commented Ustaz Zakaria: There're 2 categories of knowledge:
  • Ilm Nazariah - external, developed by intelligence.
  • Ilm Maknun - internal, God given.
Wallahu a'lam

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