Monday, March 3, 2008

Sheikh Daud's Biography (excerpt from Ustaz Wan Mohd Shaghir's)

His full name is al-Alim Allamah al-Arif ar-Rabbani Syeikh Wan Daud bin Syeikh Wan Abdullah bin Syeikh Wan Idris al-Fatani.
His mother was Wan Fathimah binti Wan Salamah bin Tok Banda Wan Su bin Tok Kaya Rakna Diraja bin Andi (Faqih) Ali Datok Maharajalela bin Mustafa Datu Jambu (Sultan Abdul Hamid Syah) bin Sultan Muzaffar Waliullah bin Sultan Abu Abdullah Umdatuddin.

Commonly known as Tok Syeikh Daud Patani, he had 5 siblings: Syeikh Wan Abdul Qadir, Syeikh Wan Abdul Rasyid, Syeikh Wan Idris and a younger sister by name Siti Khadijah binti Abdullah al-Fathani.

Born in Kampung Parit Marhum, Kerisek, Patani (Now part of Southern Thailand) in 1133H (1769 AD). Yet some said in 1153H while others said 1183H.

He obtained traditional Islamic education from his father, uncle, and grandfather (themselves famous ulama). He started memorizing Al-Quran, hadith, and various matan at early age. He later went to study in Makkah for about 30 years and Madinah for 5 years.

He came back to assist Patani fighting the intermittent wars against Siamese aggression. Later, he went back to Makkah.

In Hijaz, he wrote many books both in Arabic and Malay.

He wrote regarding a hadith in Bughyatuth Thullab:
So we gather for this hadith that there's nothing to be admired regarding quest for knowledge except done for the sake of seeking Allah's favor, and for the want of getting oneself out of darkness of ignorance (towards the light of knowledge).

Sheikh Daud al-Fathani died and buried in Taif, next to Saidina Abdullah bin Abbas (cousin of Rasulullah s.a.w.), probably in 1847 M. There is a story that his grave had later been exhumed by a relative, and transferred to a private residence in Makkah. This done to safeguard him from desecration by a certain group of people invading Taif.

Wallahu a'lam

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